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"It is wonderful to be able experience art without understanding how it was meant or what makes it good." (Kim Boekbinder said that during an interview I did with her) I might not have the biggest knowledge about music but I have a great passion for it. Passion is what counts.

I live in Berlin, Germany (born, raised and still resident) and this is my personal blog about music and other things that cross my way. Things I love to be exact. And even though I am German and my English is still not perfect, this blog is in English.

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Uncle Luc is not quite the usual candidate for Music Submission Monday. I knew Luke Barham’s, the man behind Unlce Luc, former band, Stagecoach, for quite some time and love it dearly. Also, he is signed to his own label, Super Fan 99. He just started the label and so far he is the only artist on it. Well, he sent me his upcoming album “Humblebrag”. It will be released next week. 

The music feels very comfy - it’s a blend of Americana and British Pop. For me he’s also one of the few artists where I don’t have to think of another artist or music era with the first listen. Maybe I just don’t know enough, maybe it’s because he is what he is. I don’t care. I just love it. 

There some things that haven’t changed. Would Luke reference topics like Buffy in Stagecoach’s first EP and stuff like that afterwards, he is now singing about “Frankenstein’s Monster” and such. I like the first track “Leader Boards” a lot. The chorus reminds me of all those american movies where the losers are the winners in the end, my favourite kind of movie when I was young. 

"Humblebrag" was produced by Henri Vaxby (French for Cartridge) mixed by James Kenosha (Rhodes, Dry The River) and mastered by Tom Woodhead (Michael Kiwanuka, The Cribs).

Here is a video for the second single from “Humblebrag” called “Farwell Monsoon”… and for some reason I think Bob Ross has painted the forest…

The album will be released on the 22nd of September and the cover will look like this:


Have a great week and go to one of the dates below to watch this man live.  And don#t forget: Keep sending me you music!



Sept 20th –The Atrium, Southsea Festival (3.30)
Sept 20th –Wine Vaults, Southsea Festival (5.35 w/Honeyblood & Mazes) 
Sept 21st -Rough Trade West, London (in-store)
Sept 23rd –The Islington, London (album launch)
October 1st –The Westend Centre, Aldershot (supporting Danny & The Champions)
October 3rd –The Flapper, Birmingham (supporting Johnny Foreigner)
October 15th –The Boileroom, Guildford (supporting Laura Viers)


How freaking beautiful is this song “Tide” by Wooden Arms?

The Flying Eyes - On My Mind

No, this is not from the 70ies as video and music might suggest. The video was shot last in year when the Flying Eyes, a psychedelic Rock band from Maryland, USA, spend some time in India. Well, this song (and the forthcoming album) is not quite what you expect from a band that uses the word “psychedelic” in the description of themselves. It is more Americana, Blues, Folk and a bit of Rock, it’s more rooted to the soil* than flying up high in the sky. I very much like it. For the last couple of days I keep playing this song like once an hour. The song “On My Mind” is taken from their upcoming album “Leave It All Behind Sessions” (release due 19th of September).

Have a good day,


P.S. They are on tour as well:

18.09.2014 - DE Essen, Panic Room
20.09.2014 - DE Mannheim, Mohawk Open Air
21.09.2014 - DE Karlsruhe, Alte Hackerei
22.09.2014 - DE Köln, Sonic Ballroom
01.10.2014 - CH Zürich, Kuba
02.10.2014 - CH Olten, Le Coq D’Or
03.10.2014 - CH Luzern, Bruch Brothers
04.10.2014 - CH Frauenfeld, Kaff
07.10.2014 - AT Wien, Arena
09.10.2014 - DE Jena, Kuba
10.10.2014 - DE Dresden, Beatpol
11.10.2014 - DE Stuttgart, Goldmarks
15.10.2014 - DE Würzburg, Café Cairo
16.10.2014 - DE München, Backstage
17.10.2014 - DE Frankfurt/Main, Sky High Festival 
18.10.2014 - DE Leipzig, UT Connewitz
20.10.2014 - DE Hamburg, Hafenklang
21.10.2014 - DE Kiel, Schaubude
23.10.2014 - DE Bielefeld, Forum
24.10.2014 - DE Berlin, Cassiopeia
25.10.2014 - DE Lübeck, Treibsand 
*I really hope that phrase makes sense

Erik Penny -  ”Flowers & Fire”

It’s just a few days ago I saw Erik Penny performing this song live on the streets of Berlin - during the brand new First We Take The Streets (FWTTS) festival, an addition to First We Take Berlin, Berlin Music Week and Berlin Festival Week. That was a weird and tough gig - 3 pm close to a busy street is not the spot you choose naturally - and probably only fans knew about. Anyway, this video has been made before that and also shows my beautiful Berlin. “Flowers & Fire” is taken from his forthcoming album called “Heart Bleed Out”, a very honest, intimate and touching album, describing the difficult time he went through in the last couple of years. It’ll come out on the 24th of October (finally) and melt everyone’s heart. 

Have a good week and enjoy the sun,


Here is an impression of Oberbaumbrücke and Erik playing:

When I wrote about how touching Jim Adkins (of Jimmy Eat World) solo concert in Berlin was, this is what I meant. How f***ing beautiful is this version of “For Me This Is Heaven”? 

So, I saw Jimmy Eat World's singer and guitarist Jim Adkins live the other day. He played his first acoustic show in Europe. I have never been much of a fan of his band, they never really got me (and I haven't listened to them in quite some time), but this concert was simply amazing. Honestly, all I remembered was their sound from 2001, “The Middle” and such. I didn't like that. I thought I would take a few photos and then leave the second to first row for his fans. How wrong I was. He just got me right away with his warm voice and the lyrics. Yes, the lyrics. I was really surprised how touching they were and how my eyes would fill up with tears. 

The first lines he sang were “I made it/ And now there’s no turning back” from the song “Cut” of their album “Invented” (2010). Almost like he still needed some encouragement for his acoustic show in Berlin, even though it wasn’t the first time as he explained during the show. There were many fans in this small venue who would sing along every (Jimmy Eat World) song. The crowd was so very excited. That was so beautiful to see.

He also played some covers - of Daniel Johnston, Magnetic Fields and, to make everyone laugh a little, Rihanna’s “Only Girl (In The World)”. But one of my most favourite songs of this set was “I Choose Love”. A song he wrote during a session in Arizona with some others musicians. There they would meet up then split in bands, write, arrange and record three songs in a day. And this song was the result of his band, the Bitch Lovers. 

Before Adkins actually went on stage, he and his “support act” Walter Schreifels played a song together: Evelyn Brother’s “Give Me A Sweetheart”. It’s a sentimental country song and ended up being just fabulous with those two singing it. Well, to call Schreifels a support act is actually ridiculous. It was an evening with both and Schreifels just happened to be first on stage. He was the reason I went to the concert and probably wasn’t the only one who went there for him - in the end he played two encores.

The first one was my favourite song of his: ”An Open Letter To The Scene” from the same-titled album from 2010. It is an already touching song when you just hear through your speakers but when Walter sang it live, it sort of reached a emotional level. It’s about the loss of a friend and when he sang it, you could just feel it and see in his face. Through out the concert there was almost always a little smirk on his face, during this song it was gone. I felt the sadness about the loss. 

That would have been a terrible if that was the feeling one would carry into another set of a different musician, so luckily he played a second encore. Almost like a “cheer up, life goes on” reminder, he chose Louis Armstrong’s “What A Wonderful World”. Thank you, Walter. Also, thank you for making me laugh so much. He is one of the most funniest people I have ever seen, and so spontaneous*. Even the corniest** and most cliché’d joke about Berliners is still funny when he talks about it***. Also amazing: He played a full set before the two encores with his solo, Rival School, I think Quicksand (or another of his many bands, I forgot it), some totally new songs (yeah) and a cover of "DNA" by his favourite German band, called Beatsteaks. I thought it was a good mixture of talking, interacting with the audience and music. I loved it!

Have a good week,


*I absolutely have not seen any papers with any notes about Berlin-anecdotes.

**Is that the right word?? 

***Trust me, I am born in Berlin. I have heard so, so many of them and most are so true. 

"I’ve been passing out every Friday night…" or "I’ve got a bad heart even though you think I’m good" - I don’t know which I line is my favourite in this song by Swedish pop duo Caotico, but one thing is clear: that’s a perfect song to dance the night away. 

Have a great weekend,


will I die inside before I die?
will I die inside before I die for real?

Einar Stray Orchestra - “Pocket Full of Holes”

Dad Rocks! - “Peers”

The main question is: Who is this guy with that awesome beard and long hair on the left?! It quite possible that I just fell in love. Apart from that: “Peers” is a new single from Dad Rocks! upcoming album “Year of the Flesh” (release due 29th of September) and is awesome. If you want to know more about it, head over to the 405.

Have a good Sunday night,


oh, and he’ll be on tour soon:

30.09.2014 - DE - Jena - Café Wagner
01.10.2014 - DE - Leipzig - Werk 2
02.10.2014 - DE - Dresden - Beatpol
03.10.2014 - DE - Berlin - Privatclub
04.10.2014 - DE - Husum - Speicher
07.10.2014 - DE - Stuttgart - 1210
08.10.2014 - DE - Frankfurt - Ponyhof
09.10.2014 - DE - Nürnberg - Club Stereo
10.10.2014 - DE - Freiburg - Waldsee
11.10.2014 - DE - Konstanz - Kulturladen
16.10.2014 - UK - London - The Lexington**
18.10.2014 - UK - Leicester - The Firebug**
19.10.2014 - UK - Manchester - A Carefully Plannned Festival**
20.10.2014 - UK - Glasgow - The Broadcast**
22.10.2014 - UK - Leeds - Trinity Church**
23.10.2014 - UK - Norwich - Norwich Arts Centre**
24.10.2014 - UK - Brighton - Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar**
25.10.2014 - DE - Dortmund - Sissikingkong**
14.11.2014 - DK - Odense - Kansas City
20.11.2014 - DK - Kolding - Pitstop
21.11.2014 - DK - Aalborg - Huset
22.11.2014 - DK - Vejle - Bygningen
**Full band - touring with Mimas