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"It is wonderful to be able experience art without understanding how it was meant or what makes it good." (Kim Boekbinder said that during an interview I did with her) I might not have the biggest knowledge about music but I have a great passion for it. Passion is what counts.

I live in Berlin, Germany (born, raised and still resident) and this is my personal blog about music and other things that cross my way. Things I love to be exact. And even though I am German and my English is still not perfect, this blog is in English.

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…you should head over to Pledge:


Why? Because they are one of the best bands I know. It’s their third full length album and the first two “On/Off/Safety/Danger” and “Global Lows” still belong to my most favourite albums of all time. It’s the combination of spheric, wide pop and rock melodies and lyrics with a message. Personally I’d love to know in which direction they’ll go now and what topic they looked into this time. I am curious, you should be curious, too, and head over to Pledge NOW! 

They’ll also be on tour in October (and probably November as well):


Highly recommended! Last time it looked a bit like this and included a lot of dancing, singing a long and sweating on both sides: 


Have a good weekend,


P.S. Has someone borrow me round about 750 € for me so I can buy Dave’s acoustic guitar? You’ll be forever loved. ;)

This track "I Speak Words" by Fable sounds a bit like a new music from my most beloved British band Archive, the beat, the Synths, Drums and even guitar. "I Speak Words" is dark and sinister, just like Archive’s music is. Not a coincidence: the 19 year old singer from Brighton teamed up with round about 50 percent of Archive (Danny and Darius, drummer Smiley and Pollard on the guitar) for co-writing and producing this track and an album which will follow at some point. Let’s wait and see what else she has because this actually sounds like another track by Archive, another member in the collective, and not a new singer-songwriter who is just making her debut. But it’s good. I like it. 

Have a good Friday,


Oh, f***. Can’t wait to see Archive performing this live end of May in London….like in those old silent movies. Movie running, band playing the music live. The music is already absorbing me, a tight feeling in a chest…

Be part of it as well:




ARCHIVE! New album and (!!!) movie next year. My month is made! The new project is called “Axiom”. They have just started a Pledge campaign for it…you can bet that I’ll be at the concert on the 29th of May in London where they show the film and play the music. 

The first bits in this trailer have a bit of an Orwells “1984” feeling to it but I might be wrong. They haven’t revealed too much as of now. So, we will see but I am already excited - for a band who takes as much care of their visuals as Archive does, the film and soundtrack must be amazing. For the film they teamed up with a Spanish film collective NYSU who made a “visual soundtrack for the music” as they said. 

Look for more…not information but a visual impression and their pledge campaign on:


Have a good week,


(I hope I can do an interview with them again, there are already questions building up in my head…until then I’ll wait impatiently.)

Archive - “Stick Me In My Heart” 

It’s weird. When I first watched this video, I had to think of last year when I met Danny and Dave for an interview before their acoustic performance. The interview was around noon and the little concert was hours later at the same place. I stayed there for hours, meeting new people and chatting to Danny and the others when they had some time. The whole day Danny kept carrying around a big book in case he had some time to read a little bit. It was “Game of Thrones”. Somehow I managed to miss all chances to ask him if it was good - I mean I heard a lot of good things but still haven’t read it. We even had a moment where we talked about books but it was only so I could say that I read “50 Shades of Grey” and that it was awful and boring and then we got interrupted. Anyway. Basically this video made me think of “Game of Thrones” and I don’t know why as I have no idea what “Game of Thrones” is about. 

The song is one of my favourites of their latest album “With Us Until You’re Dead”. I love the way it is build, with every additional instrument it sounds so much stronger.  It’s the next single and will be released on the 20th of May. And Archive will do a mini tour in their home country (not to mention their tour through Germany at the moment):

17 April – GLASGOW – Oran Mor (£15)
18 April – MANCHESTER – Sound Control (£15)
19 April – LONDON – KOKO (£16)

Thank you for reading,


This the end of all lists. It’s my own. There may be some familiar sounding names in this list - one or the other was kind enough to take the time to give me their “best of 2012” list. I was curious what the musicians I like, would listen to. Some bands were mentioned in several lists like Alt-j, Tame Impala, Grizzly Bear, Fiona Apple, Flying Lotus, Tall Ships, Scott Walker, Swans, Dinodaur Jr., Efterklang and Godspeed you! Black Emperor  I did discover some bands that I have missed like Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Meshugga, Yeti Lane or Tame Impala. It’s been a tough year for me and my blog with writing my diploma thesis in Chemistry.

I didn’t need to think very long about mine own list because I have a personal connection to all of the music, the albums, I chose. They move me, they make me feel, fascinate me and some are just utter fun.

I have prepared a youtube playlist to accompany your reading – a few aren’t on Spotify or these kind of portals. Please list to it in full while your reading my (little too long) list. Enjoy!

My most beloved albums of 2012 in no specific order*

  • Archive “With Us Until You’re Dead”

    Songs about love – the self-destructive, the hurting, the one sided, the hopeless, the secret kind of love with a shimmer of hope in the end… I always feel their music with every muscle and every nerve in my body. They combine a couple of styles like Rock with Electro with Classic Element  to create their own sound.


  • Veto “Sinus Point Break”

    I am cheating a little here. The EP “Sinus” was released in 2012 but the follow-up EP “Point Break” and with it the resulting album “Sinus Point Break” will be released in 2013 (but I have heard them all already). I love their Electrorock and the clear lyrics which still leave room for me to find myself in them.


  • Tall Ships “Everything Touches”

    It’s complex, occasionally playful melodies, it’s controlled chaos and sound explosions and some rock guitars. What I like is their liability to scientific bits in their lyrics and the pictures they use in them…” (Me, a few weeks ago). Just a an incredible band.


  • The Good Fiction “Escape Pod”

    Love. That simple…or not. The Good Fiction are one of my favourite rock bands around. I love how drums, bass and guitar work together and make it more interesting to listen. Ben voice sounds so familiar without reminding me of someone else. 


  • I Am Oak “Nowhere Or Tammensaari”

    Soothing. The voice of Thijs Kuijken wraps you up in a warm, comfy cloud far, far away from your own troubles – I always lose myself within the album. I still love its mellowness which break up into a mild thunderstorm every once in a while. It sounds very unpolished. And friends who I give a lift in the car still love it, too.


  • Birdpen “Global Lows”

    The video for “Nature Regulate” is my favourite of this year (it’s in the playlist). The song is thought provoking in a gentle but direct way - they are not very heavy or very loud. It’s more like they lull you with Dave Pen’s soft voice and instruments that sound like they could disappear every second. The title tells everything about the main topic of the album – it’s food for thought and questioning yourself at times. The lyrics, combined with the soundscrapes they create, are magnificent.


  • Sycamore Age “Sycamore Age”

    Actually this was my favourite in 2011 but it wasn’t released until mid 2012, so I can mention it here now. And as predicted I still love them dearly. Soothing sounds for my dark side, hypnotising, sinister, haunting, beautiful. They are a gritty fairytale.


  • Gentlemen & Assassins “Mother Says We’re Innocent”

    It always sounds a bit like a love letter every time I write about Elyas’ or Sxip’s music – one reason might be that I got a lot more into out of the ordinary music after I have listened to their music and saw them live for the first time. Adding Brian Viglione to the game, you’ll get a one of a kind rock band – rocking storytellers who don’t need words to make you understand their stories but also can work with words very well.


  • Kiss “Monster”

    It’s fun. Classic KISS really. I just have an immense pleasure to listen to those four dudes doing what they do. The riffs, the piercing drums, the make up and lyrics about sex as if they haven’t aged a day since the 70s. Sometimes it’s the simple pleasures that make me happy.


  • The Candle Thieves “Ballons”

    The Candle Thieves create playful Pop music with lyrics that are touching – sometimes utterly sad hidden behind a happy façade, sometimes “just” sad and then again the can be so amazingly uplifting – it’s a bit of everything. And they are uncanny for me as they pick up the feeling and thought I have never spoken out aloud.


Other albums I enjoyed a lot: Efterklang “Piramida”, Oliveray “Wonders”, Chorus Grant “And The Villa Nova”, Pulled Apart By Horses “Tough Love”, Bretterbauer “Bretterbauer”…

Favourite live performances of 2012 (as far as I can remember)

  • Archive in Berlin and London – there no intensity like theirs, no band make me feel like they do. Just no one.

  • Henry Rollins, Huxley’s, January 2012 – thought provoking as always.

  • Sky Architects – What a surprise in an sold out Schokoladen! Sweat, sweat, sweat!

  • Kevin Devine, Magnet Club, February 2012 – He reminded me of the joy of live music (read here) which I forgot a bit

  • Alcopopalooza (London) and the Christmas Party (Oxford) – favourite label and favourite bands like Gunning For Tamar and My First Tooth combined with awesome people - best days.

  • Mars Red Sky, every time I saw them in 2012 (and ever) – I love how their sound vibrates through my whole body without being ear-deafing loud. With every gig they play get better and better. I am really looking forward to hear new material next year to see how the developed!

  • Eagles of Death Metal, Lido, June 2012 – I caught a cucumber. Most fun live band and to see BOC back on a stage was good as well.

  • Gentlemen & Assassins, Wild At Heart, Knochenbox, September 2012 – one of a kind performances. To watch Sxip Shirey creating his sounds is just stunning.

  • Bretterbauer, White Trash, November 2012 - performing “Dörte” 3.5 times (soundcheck plus actual concert) – it made me a bit fuzzy in the head, an odd interview was made, fun was good.

  • Tall Ships, C-Club, November 2012 – Simply magnificent!

  • The Shanks, White Trash, December 2012 – What a Rock show that was! Even I was dancing.

My most beloved other stuff of 2012

Earlier this year I watched a couple of music documentaries during the In-Edit music documentary festival here in Berlin and two left a very deep impression on me. The first one is “Last Days Here” about Bobby Liebling, the lead singer of the 70s metal band Pentagram (www.facebook.com/pentagramusa). It is an very intense story which is as tense as a good thriller. When they started to film it, Bobby was a 50 something drug addict living at his parents house, more dead than alive. During the 90 min you follow the recovery of Bobby with the help of a fan and then manager Sean Pelletier. It’s an emotional rollercoaster ride to watch them going through everything over a couple of years.

The second music documentary is by William Miller: “Don’t Follow Me (I’m Lost)” about Bobby Bare Jr. (http://www.bobbybarejr.com/). I think me and Bobby have the way of dealing with problems in common – make people laugh while telling them about them. You see the son of a Country legend, Grammy winner at the age of 6, father, divorced, struggling musician who is writing some fantastic rock music with influences from various genres. I love his lyrics – the songs always sound as if he had an immense pleasure and fun writing them even if his topics aren’t as much fun. The stories he tells in “A Storm – A Tree – My Mother’s Head” (2010) are so exaggerated, it is fun to listen and discover them.

A couple of days ago I bought a beautiful film called “This Time Tomorrow” (http://itendstomorrow.com/) about a romantic guy who convinced his ex-girl friend to spend the last day before the apocalypse (21.12.2012) happens. The way these two characters develop and the pictures are just wonderful despite it’s not so good ending.

My favourite idea to have something different to a simple CD: the Book Club by Olympians (http://www.onwardolympians.com/)where you got 4 CDs in the course of a couple of month and a craved out book where you could put them in. Fabulous idea! (Sorry, Jack, but that was just awesome.)

Also, we had a little series of concerts called “KistenKonzerte” here in Berlin. Absolute wrong timing as most concerts were held during the last few months of writing my thesis but it was so much fun. We had Eric Eckhart, Miss Kenichi, Saudia Young, Die Wanderdüne and Elyas Khan. Yay!

A few reasons why I am excited for 2013:

There are countless things I am excited for in 2013. Archive will release another album in spring – as they are one of my all time favourite bands I am of course excited what they will do this time and what the theme will be. Another spring related release is the upcoming album of Spring Offensive – their lyrics, music and videos never fail to amaze me. Owen Kimm of Elephants (who split a while ago) has a new band called Chewing Gum – I missed his voice a lot and just want to hear a lot more from it! The same goes for Ollie – singer of Salvation Bill and The Grinding Young. I just want to hear more for those two men.

My favourite Electrorockers Veto will release the second EP and make the album complete by the end of January and go on tour – natural excitement about the new releases. The Shanks will release an album around their last single “Feel The Holes” - as they are a rather new band on my radar, I am looking forward to this as well. The new video from The Good Fiction for “Tucked In”. And the new Eels album!

There is so much good music coming – it seems ridiculous. And the plans for my blog? More writing, plan another “Session For The Heilewelt”, do more interviews again but I don’t know what the future brings and what job I will do and this kind of things**.

Me.  Exit.

Exit the old to conquer the new!

Thank you all for following and reading,


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#6 Joe and Dan (Gunning For Tamar)

#7 Colonel Crankshaft (The Shanks)

#8 Miss Kenichi

#9 Ollie (Salvation Bill, The Grinding Young)

#10 Mars Red Sky

#11 The Good Fiction

*Well, I tried to make the playlist not sound weird really. 

**I made my diploma (like Master) in Chemistry and search for a job - it’s not easy with the things I want to do. 

The fifth list is from a very beautiful and nice woman. A couple of month ago I met Saffron Sprackling - we both have a band in common which we both love and she is friends with (guess which-it is not that difficult). Saffron is the singer of a band called Republica who released some songs and albums in the 90’s and reformed a few years ago. “Ready To Go” is such a strong song, it still is buzzing in my head as soon as you mention the name to me. They reformed after a long break a few years ago and are now playing gigs all over the world. 

Saffron Sprackling (Republica)

- Archive of course - friends since 1992!


- Gary Numan ‘Dead Son Rising’


- Echo and the Bunnymen album ‘The Fountain’


- 80’s Matchbox B-Line Disaster


- Chatelaine. My friend Toni Halliday who had the band Curve with Dean Garcia, She has got the most beautiful voice in the world!


- Watched Alt-J + Foals last night do live session on TV at Abbey Road Studios. It was just brilliant.



- Wild Beasts liked them for awhile and again amazing live. So yes far to say like them in general.


Ones to watch.

- Jayce Lewis last album self-titled. He is touring with Wes Borland from Limp Bizkit in Germany Jan. 2013 with his Project Black Light Burns. http://www.jaycelewis.com/

- Tenek ‘EP 2’, single ‘Another Day’. They are touring with Republica on the UK tour 2013.


- Passarella Death Squad, label ‘The Republic of Desire’.


- The Amazonica. Uk singer/DJ.


- A-Star. Band from NYC, albums:’Flashbulb’, ‘Days of’ and the new one ‘Lotus’


- Khufu (Republica drummer Conor Lawrence)


- Tricks of the Gods.


- Treasure House. There are the singer Julie Harrington and Johnny Davis is the guitarist who is also in the band Tricks of the Gods.


- Analog Angels.

- Adam Sky: Neo-Waltz 


- My fave Texan band: Girl In A Coma, from San Antonio, Texas. They are on Joan Jetts Blackheart label, the best song is ‘Stay’


- Martin Rossiter’s new solo album ‘The Defenestration of St Martin’. He is the singer of one my favourites bands of the 90s called Gene.


- last but not least: Brighton band Kovak. They played me their new album and its good! The new single called ‘Radiate’


- [A few days after Saffron send me her list, I got a little belated note:]  Forgot to mention my own new song ‘Christiana Obey’! Tim Dorney from my band has put it on Republica Official page on Soundcloud. Also, Tenek have done a remix. We are starting our UK tour next year March 14th at the Garage London then York, Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle, Leeds, Glasgow, Nottingham, Bristol and Winchester. We are also playing the Isle of Wight Festival June 16th.


Previous lists:

#1 Luke Joseph Barham (Stagecoach)

#2 Elyas Khan

#3 Echo Me

#4 Sycamore Age

Last Tuesday had been the first time, I drove home from a concert with tears filling my eyes*. It wasn’t tears out of sadness or anything. They were just there. Archive played a concert in Berlin and they were immense. I had been a little concerned beforehand as they had to cancel the concert in Hamburg the night before due to illness. So, it could have easily become the worst show but they wiped this thought away within the first song.


Someone told me afterwards that I looked like I enjoyed the concert - I assume massive singing along and dancing while squeezed in the first row are a good indicator. At the end of the whole evening Smiley throw the drumstick right into my hands on purpose which is like Christmas and birthday on one day when you’re a fan. But in the end it is their music, the beats, the words and the sounds that filled every little corner of my mind and body that night. Everything just seemed to be over in the split of a second. I think half of the time I spend in other spheres, a different state of mind. I don’t really know how long (2 hours?) or every song they actually played although I know and sang them. For me an Archive concert is more about the feeling they give me rather then the songs they play - they have so many songs I love from the deepest bottom of my heart that it doesn’t matter. Sometimes I rediscover song I have forgotten about like “You Make Me Feel” or “Waste”.

They played “Waste” as the second encore song of the second encore. Maria Q, Darius and Steve played a stripped down version of a brand new song which I really loved and that Maria sang it made me happy because Archive is a collective after all. Ever since I saw them the first time at the Visions Spring Break 2006, they had a relatively steady line up and I got rather used to it. However, I remember how they just blew me away in 2006 - totally unexpected as I didn’t knew them before. Hearing “Fuck U” live was amazing (as always). It didn’t lose any of its intensity in all those years - it is one of my all time favourite songs of everything I have ever heard or witnessed live. The song just levels me out in so many situations. And the audience on Tuesday loved it as well. In general the audience loved the concert just as much as I did - they clapped along, cheered and - I think - sang along, too. But I must admit that I didn’t notice much of the things going on around me. They have played a lot from the most recent album “With Us Until You’re Dead”. “Rise” was amazing and “Stick Me In My Heart”…but wasn’t a weak point in the show. Not for me. 


The bottom line is: I can’t really put in words what this band means to me - no matter how often I try. And even though I have meet some of the members several times already, chatted with them, did interviews, I wouldn’t tell them even if I had the words. What I tell them is always just a scrape on the surface. What I tell you, my dearest reader, is just a scrape on the surface. I love Archive. That is all.

They are still on tour through Europe: 


Thank you for reading,



*For guaranteed tears during a concert, it has to be William Fitzsimmons. Oh, I miss William. I hope he is back soon.

This is the second part of the very enjoyable interview with Danny Griffiths and Dave Pen of Archive. We already talked about orchestras, Simon Lole, missing lyrics and the live set up. Here are the links to part 1:

First part English

First and second part on FastForward Magazine in German.

Now we continue with the two Ladies of the collective, Maria Q and Holly, success, alcohol, England and other things. Enjoy!

Dörte: How did you get Holly invited?

Danny: Holly. Well, someone came up the other day and confused it “So you met Holly in a bar”. We didn’t meet Holly in a bar at all.

Well, I have read in an interview that Darius met her at a party.

Danny: What it is: it is an publisher who is a friend of ours who actually has been the first person to ever invest money in Archive back in ‘94, Andy, amazing man. He has been the first person to ever have faith in Archive back in the day. He put money in the album which we spend recording the album and then we didn’t actually sign to him but he always is just a fan and he loves what we are doing. Darius got back in contact with him over the last year or so. And he is a publisher and he was publishing this young girl Holly Martin. And Darius said to me “You got to hear her voice. She can fucking sing” and I said “Alright, Australian, nice girl, 21, young” and then I heard her voice and thought fucking hell she really has something to it - really soulful, really powerful and she has been working with loads of other people, I think she has been going to writers and stuff in LA and all over the place.

I think they are trying to turn her a bit more into Adele or something but she hadn’t made up what she really wanted and she was up for experimenting. We said - I haven’t really met her to this point – “you got to come down to my house and play some of the backing tracks”. Straight away it was just dealed. She just settled in straight off. And she loved the fact that she sings whatever she wanted. She didn’t have any boundaries and it was like… swearing is not being clever in records and anything and the first line was “who the fuck is anything”. She said “I fucking love that” and then she started to just about getting involved. Me and her together is just a really great writing partnership actually and really natural. For someone who is only 21 - and we have been doing this a long time - her confidence was amazing. It didn’t bother her whatsoever in the fact that I am almost twice her age and that sort of thing. Me and Darius had experience. She is a bit of a lad, a tomboy. I don’t know. And that was her first gig last night with us. I think she did an amazing job.

Really? It was amazing. You couldn’t tell. I was wondering whether it is the first gig or not.

Danny: It was the first time she has been with us. When she did “Hatchet” at the end she fucking really belted it. She has got a really positive future. Not necessarily with us but for her own thing. I feel a bit like a proud dad with Holly. It’s a weird thing it feels like a family member. Thankfully. That was it: follow instincts and she settles in straight away and we said ‘let’s play live’ and she said “Yes, of course. Would love it”.

Archive live

Would you have done it when you were 21?

Danny: Oh, I would have shit myself at 21. No, not at all. I wouldn’t have the confidence to do it, was too stoned. [To Dave] With 21 would you just have gone out there?

Dave: Yeah!

Danny: Ah, yeah, you would have done it with 12.

Dave: 21 that was when we just started. We just started music when I was 20. I was doing gigs in pubs, I don’t know, a lot of that level.

Danny: To go out there and play in front of thousands of people brilliant. That the first of many. When the tour starts I tell you what she going to grow and grow. I think it is going to do her a lot of good, I think. For her confidence level and stuff and for her future stuff.

Dave: That is sort of the beauty of this whole collective mindset behind Archive now, I think, is the opportunity to do that for us to work with younger people, to work with people from different genres of music that they are into but it all comes under the cloak of what Archive is, the sound of Archive.

Do you decide together or…

Dave: It’s one of those instinctual things with Darius and Dan. They just knew. They knew she was great and Dan said they started writing the tune. There is no like a protected sort of ego in this group. It is what it is and if it’s right for the sound and it works.

Danny: It could have so easily go wrong.

Dave: Yeah, but I think we are brave enough and wise enough now to know if it’s not quite right it’s not going to happen and the fact that the two tunes she has done on this record and the other songs she has written - we recorded almost 28 songs - so there is loads of stuff in the pipeline and if it wasn’t right within the first day it wouldn’t have happened.

Danny: It’s not the talent, of course the talent is a massive part, it’s mainly the personality really. It is straight the thing you get from someone. It straight away felt like “I can work with this woman”.

Dave: You know the line up as well has been so solid since kind of since the Noise tour and Lights since Pollard came in. It’s just we knew that was gonna change, wasn’t it? As far as the mindset behind it was that it always gonna be an open ended book in a way. There are no closed doors in it and I think that is what kept us growing and we are still growing as a band. Plus to first to get 23 in the charts in Germany. It the first time that ever happen.

It was long overdue for me.

Dave: That’s nice of you to say but for us it is a huge achievement because Germany is a huge market. I don’t like getting into that it’s about market etc. but in the end of the day for us to get there with all the work we have done it really feels good to us. And to bring back another new singer into it, you know, we did “Controlling Crowds” and brought Rosko back, we did “Lights” with Pollard and myself. Before that it was Craig etc.

It’s always nice because you never know what comes out with a new record.

Dave: That’s it. And with the new stuff we are doing it’s just even more…we really starting to push the boundaries because just wanna stay interested and it seems like the fan base is just on a long boat.

Danny: I think everyone is going to be into the Death reggae.

Dave: Yeah, I think it got potential. Doo Wop Death Reggae…

Danny: [laughs] Doo Wop Death Reggae…

You may lose me then.

Danny: No, no, sorry, we just started rambling. That’s all.

I have heard something about recording by the end of the year.

Danny: When the tour finished… I think we finish on the 4th of December in London and me and Darius are going straight away. [To Dave] Are you coming straight away?

Dave: It depends. I might have to do some more shows.

Danny: The next album we will finish by February. There are a lot of us and we like writing songs and we like producing music, so it just happens. It has been 3 years since controlling crowds and just a lot of stuff build up in that time. A lot that needs to be released and a lot came out at once. If we had our way we would release two albums every year and would be quite happy with that because we do write enough to do that but other things like touring and stuff gets in the way. It’s a hard life. [laughs]

How is it going in the UK? I remember last time you said you don’t see a market for you there.

Danny: Well, you are right. I remember saying that. Personally: I don’t think the timing is really been right for Archive in many ways. It’s a very strange market in the UK. I don’t think it is completely different but so many people focus on the UK now as “What’s going on in the UK? Blablabla” and what’s happening throughout the world. We are not, as you know, necessarily a very radio friendly band. We released this album now, it is actually released in the UK which is great and I am very happy about it. We got really good reviews in magazines I actually care about like Q and Uncut and Mojo. I mean 4 of 5 in Mojo and stuff like that is brilliant. It says everything. It is really amazing. That to me is really positive, it is a positive start. And we do have fans in the UK. There are not many, in weird little parts of the UK and if you put them together there would be 10 of them. And we are going to do a gig in London on the 4. of December. And we are going to start a bit of a campaign now, I feel like the time is gone already. But I think what we going to have to do is playing live more then anything which is what we have done in Europe. We just go out and play.

Dave: We are hoping to get some support tour plan for next year and do some festivals in the UK. I think in England with a band like Archive it is about mouth to mouth and it is a fan base group so it just got to start. It’s the only way to do it. We are going to release a single tho. “Hatchet” is the next single.

Danny: Possibly.

Dave: Possilby? Ok, that’s news to me.

Danny: I think it is. [laughs]

Dave: We got two singles in the pipeline for the UK. Just go and suck it and see with the UK and see what we can do there it is such a quick fire country for music. It’s just so swamped. It’s crazy.

Danny: If I had my way personally, we would just go straight out to the states and go out there. Fuck the UK to be honest with you. I am really quite content not touring around the UK and go up to Halifax and Portsmouth…no, Southampton [giggles all around, side note: Dave lives in Southampton]… Just head out to the states. I think Americans will get Archive more then the people in the UK.

Why would they?

Danny: I think music wise….if you look at the history of America it’s like… a lot of the bands we are compared to, throwing in there with, is always someone American. I don’t know. I just got this feeling there, maybe that’s not what the band thinks…I don’t know really.

Dave: I don’t know. It’s tricky. It depends, again it is all just down to the vibe. We are very sincere. American music public they like that and they like bands that mean what they are doing but the English do as well…

It always depends, I guess, on the crowd there.

Dave: Of course. Americans love their Rock. Everyone knows that and I think it depends. I think definitely the coasts would dig what we are into without a doubt.

Danny: Actually we got more fans in California then we have in the UK. Strange. We got a good fan base in Canada.

Dave: That’s probably a realistic thing where we should go first because the French speaking part. It makes sense. For a long time there has been a big following.

Danny: We just couldn’t afford to go on tour that’s the problem but we got a good fan base there. If we could afford we would go. Something about the UK: I was thinking of it like home. Don’t know what it is, it is like home, it’s like normality, it’s like go back paying the bills and sort of stuff, being in the pub with mates and playing pool and stuff. […] I like the fact that we go on tour and you feel fucking amazing that people love your music and I go back and no one knows what the fuck what we are doing. Even friends haven’t got a clue.

[A young man comes in to tell us we have 5 min. left]

Danny: He is hungover.

That’s the downside of drinking alcohol, I guess, I don’t know, I never drunk alcohol.

Dave: Fair play. You’re not missing out.

Danny: Not really.

I heard so. But funnily only people from the UK say that, here in Germany they always ask why when I say that.

Danny: Germany I think there are the biggest drinkers in the whole of Europe - isn’t that Germany? Beer drinkers.

I would have said the UK.

Dave: UK have the biggest binge drinkers.

Danny: Binge drinkers but not just beer drinkers. You have actually good beer.

Dave: It is impossible in England if you have a social life, well, it’s not impossible but very difficult, to not drink. It is just part of our culture.

Danny: I think it’s part of most cultures.

It’s the same in Germany but I have just always been weird.

Dave: That’s good. It’s good to be unique.

Danny: A very good friend of mine, German Ann, I knew her from London and she has never drunk in her life and she is the life and soul of a party. She is brilliant. [laughs]

Dave: And Maria. She doesn’t drink at all. Never. I have seen her drinking an inch of Champagne.

Danny: I have given her once one Tequila. That was a long time and she was absolutely hammered.

Dave: She is like the mother in the band.

She is looking after you?

Dave: Yeah, she is great. She is very calm.

Danny: She does no wrong in our eyes. She is perfect.

Dave: Like a big sister.

She always looks happy with herself.

Dave: Yes, very confident.

I like her voice because she is always very clear but in a way she is sometimes really kind of cold. I think Holly is a little bit warmer in her voice.

Danny: You’re right.

Dave: I think Maria very much she is quite…I am not getting all pretentious with her but she is quite a mysterious character. We know Maria because we work with her; Dan is knowing Maria for years and Darius, you know, but I think the portray of her in the group and what comes across is probably she is the least known out of everyone. Maria is very much a unique character which is part of her beauty in a way I find.

Danny: Yeah, it’s a strange one. She has no interest in being a star or anything but she is so confident when she is up on stage but when she is off stage that’s it. She is in her bunk back in the bus in a bunk.

You never actually kind of see her really.

Danny: She is quite a mystery that one but she is wonderful company to hang out with her and to chat with. She is brilliant and she is puts up with us lot. Fucking hell… 16 people on the bus, now there is 2 girls, and she has to put up with all of us just talking shit and she just laughs. She finds it really entertaining in general. Occasionally frowns.

I guess she has no choice…

Danny: She could easily have the choice of not doing it. I mean she works with Anastasia and loads of other people and she really loves it. She actually really enjoys it. It always feels like - and that sounds very wank - but it feels like when we get together it’s only been like a week or so since we haven’t really worked together even though it has been months not even a year or so and she says straight away “ah, I just missed you so much” and it just baffles me and she just doesn’t say “Oh my god, now back with this bunch of bastards”. We swear all the time and talk bollocks. It’s brilliant. She is perfect. She find it really entertaining. She just looks at us, smiles and then goes to bed. 

Thank you for the interview, Danny and Dave.

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