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"It is wonderful to be able experience art without understanding how it was meant or what makes it good." (Kim Boekbinder said that during an interview I did with her) I might not have the biggest knowledge about music but I have a great passion for it. Passion is what counts.

I live in Berlin, Germany (born, raised and still resident) and this is my personal blog about music and other things that cross my way. Things I love to be exact. And even though I am German and my English is still not perfect, this blog is in English.

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This is a wonderful new track by Icelandic band múm which you can download for free. "Saddle Up" is on the b-side of the sold-out "When Girls Collide". I find this tune very relaxing. After having a week full of stupid stuff happening, this 4 minutes and 10 seconds feel like a holiday for my always busy thoughts and my stressed self, it’s like meeting your best friend, the one you love or just a stranger on a concert who distract you for a few hours. And múm just need 4 minutes and 10 seconds to give me this feeling.

I find the whole melody and the singing are just incredibly beautiful, warm and actually effortless, they are one unity which makes it kind of hard for me to listen to the words - so I have no idea what the sond is about. It’s just this whole electro pop with all the little details which makes my brain melt in the best possible way. I love the piano bits in the beginning and how it builds up and then in the middle almost stops. The first few listens I was scared for the glimpse of a second that the song would have ended. It doesn’t but it’s a weird feeling. Being scared that the song might be just over. It continues instrumentally. 

Here are some tour dates as well:

02/04 Ljubljana, SLOVENIA @ Kino Siska.

03/04 Roncade - ITALY @ New Age club

04/04 Madonna dell’albero - ITALY @ Bronson

05/04 Rome - ITALY @ Auditorium Parco della musica

06/04 Milan - ITALY @ Circolo Magnolia

03/05 London - UK @ Richmix

21/06 Secret Solstice Festival - Reyjavik Iceland

More to come (as they say).

Have a great weekend,


Ok, ok, we’re not done with celebrating Sinnbus - there is a bit more in store. It was a one day break. Today we have a bit of glitter, naked skin and more glitter. This song is not new neither is the video. It’s Me And My Drummer’s “Heavy Weight”. The duo is currently working on new material but they are about to release a remix of this song. Berlin artist Freedarich morphed it into an even more club suitable song - originally for some indie music party, it’s turned into a song for one of those nights with heavy beat where you leave the dark, sweaty club and the sun is already shining.

There are a few more remixes of song from their latest album”The Hawk, The Beak, The Prey” on their website. The lucky people of you who are attending Iceland Airwaves have three rare opportunities to watch them live these days. The fourth is - of course - during Sinnbus Birthday tour next week.  

30.10.2013, Reykjavík, Iceland Airwaves / Hlemmur Square (6pm), Iceland
01.11.2013, Reykjavík, Iceland Airwaves / Studentakjallarin (3pm), Iceland
02.11.2013, Reykjavík, Iceland Airwaves / Loft Hostel (6pm), Iceland
07.11.2013, Berlin, Heimathafen, 10 Jahre Sinnbus, Germany

Have a good Sunday,


Yesterday I have been to the closing party of a nordic film & music festival in Berlin called Northzone Festival. It was in a very long time the least organised event I have been to. It were things like the organiser showed up 30 min after the entry should have started (= waiting outside in the cold for half an hour), the actual film about the Icelandic music scene “Backyard” was “not available” at that moment (I assume they forgot the DVD somewhere) and therefore they showed a documentary about the band we would see after the film. No seating whatsoever - kind of a must for me when you want show a 70 min long film and it’s cold outside. I just don’t enjoy sitting on a club floor as much as it might have seemed (neither would I enjoy standing while watching a 70 min movie). While the audience waited for the event to start they showed a documentary (without sound/music was playing) about the Titanic - I am so tired of the Titanic and the documentaries and the movie. So, it was quite possible the worst start. 

However, I went there mainly to see Árstíðir and not a movie. I stumbled over them when I searched for something to do this weekend and found their music quite interesting from the first listen on and, to be honest, I didn’t give them that many listen beforehand simply because I didn’t want to go there with expectations or anything. I wanted to surprise me. That was a bit disturbed when I was kind of forced to see a documentary about them. It’s like getting all the information about a band before you even have heard one song - the opposite of what I usually do. And I wish I wouldn’t have watched the documentary, so I could discover them myself, instead of being told what’s special about them before. Anyway. 

Árstíðir were amazing live. They have blown my mind with their melodies and vocals. They are a 6-piece band: piano, 2 guitars, baritone guitar (love), violin (love²) and cello (love³). And all of them have wonderful voices and that’s the mind blowing thing. They don’t really have a main singer, they all sing - they build amazing vocal harmonies and when they sang a cappella it was just wonderful, like a choir. I haven’t seen something like that in quite some time. The music is a mix of Rock, Pop, Classic and  - that is something I just read and have no idea of - Icelandic Folk music. Well, you can hear to folkloristic, traditional touch whether you know Icelandic Folk music or not.

They sing in English and Icelandic and even though I didn’t understand a word*, their songs just took me away. Well, being German I am kind of used to this situation because most of time I don’t understand to words right away. It’s how the sound of their voices, harmonies, instruments and everything is working together that make them amazing and fascinating. The music is very calming and intimate but at the same time so huge and deep as well… and so different from what I have listened to lately. 

In the first part of the concert they played more songs from their first self-titled album while the second part was mostly songs from second album “Svefns og vöku skil” (2011). They had a second violin player for that part on stage as the second album has more strings on it. I loved “Shades” live - it’s one of the more energetic and less quieter songs. They played two encores for the enthusiastic audience. Árstíðir is definitely a band that has to be seen live to be able to fully understand the magic of their sound. 

The only almost good photo I took: 

Árstíðir, Lido, Berlin

I have moaned a lot at the beginning of this post but this band compensate it more than just a little bit. I can’t wait to see them again in September (hopefully). 

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*But nevertheless I wonder what they sing about. I don’t want them to sing in English, I just would like to have a translation/short summery. I love it when artists sing in their own language. Good music should be able to connect with the listener no matter in which language it is.