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"It is wonderful to be able experience art without understanding how it was meant or what makes it good." (Kim Boekbinder said that during an interview I did with her) I might not have the biggest knowledge about music but I have a great passion for it. Passion is what counts.

I live in Berlin, Germany (born, raised and still resident) and this is my personal blog about music and other things that cross my way. Things I love to be exact. And even though I am German and my English is still not perfect, this blog is in English.

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I am re-posting yesterday’s blog post about TM Hunter as it seems that the play button is not working. Sorry about that! So, here is it again: TM Hunter “Mon Chat Est Mort” 

Second post of this evening is quite different from Gunning For Tamar. It’s the Danish band/married duo TM Hunter. The track is from their forthcoming EP “La Porte” which will be released by Father Figure Records. It is a beautiful track with a classic touch - I love the instruments they used: violin, viola, cello, bass etc. And while it is beautiful it at times sound a bit strange and with almost a 180° turn in the middle it sound like someone accidently cut a few seconds of a different song into it. I like that. And by the title and the music you can already tell that their are a little inspired from France. To be honest: I thought they were another French band Father Figure Records have signed until I read in their newsletter that they from Copenhagen, Denmark, and Fischerson (as the duo’s last name is) isn’t a very typical Danish name. I guess it is as always very overrated to judge about the origin of a band simply judging by their music. The borders are vanishing. 

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