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"It is wonderful to be able experience art without understanding how it was meant or what makes it good." (Kim Boekbinder said that during an interview I did with her) I might not have the biggest knowledge about music but I have a great passion for it. Passion is what counts.

I live in Berlin, Germany (born, raised and still resident) and this is my personal blog about music and other things that cross my way. Things I love to be exact. And even though I am German and my English is still not perfect, this blog is in English.

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Right. Jumping Ships have ‘lost’ songs. I meant to tell you about it for quite some time now that they have found them again and since they are quite awesome the songs are now up for free download. The songs haven’t made it on their fabulous debut “Orientation” EP and now they have crawled up to out of the dark hidden folder to lighten up rainy spring days. They are not perfect but a very enjoyable listen on a Sunday afternoon. You can listen to them below and then download them for free. 

Jumping Ships - ‘Orientation LOST’ by jumpingships

And while I am talking about Alcopop a related band I can share some other Alcopop related news with you. There was a lot to order for me lately. Johnny Foreigner release a FP (an EP in shape of a Frisbee). It’s already sold out but it was sold out not even 2 days after being released, the download will be available by tomorrow. It’s called “Certain Songs Are Cursed”. I hope these songs will never get cursed for me like others I really liked and yet I’m not able to listen to them anymore. While the first two songs are “typical” JoFo songs or rather what I expect them to sound like (damn those expectations, need to turn them off), the last two songs are acoustic. Beautifully sad in a way. Again I struggle to understand every single word, it is just about the whole feeling, the melody and their voices. Luckily I’ll get a Frisbee to lighten up my mood afterwards. And I can happily say that they will come to a town close you and even close to me! I posted them a few days ago.

More Alcopop? Sure. One of the newer signings Freeze The Atlantic (the newest is Light Guides) will release an EP as well. Apparently Alcopop is moving away from more “poppier” acts and to moves to much more “rockier” acts now, the different shades of Rock. But who knows what the next act will look like. ”Colour By Numbers EP” by Freeze The Atlantic is nothing ground breaking new but very well made Alternative Rock with a lot of fine melodies. It is a very delightful listen. Maybe you just fancy a listen of “The Alibi” yourself:

Freeze The Atlantic - The Alibi by Heilewelt

Thank you for reading.


P.S. Almost forgot it: My Firth Tooth not only have been in my town to record their new single but also have released a free CD/paid download of their “Sleet And Slow” EP. Folk awesomeness. Also: Free CD instead of free download is the way forward (for my purse at least) and also for my memory. I realised not long ago that I simply can remember track names, album names and everything better when I have a physical package to it - I don’t enjoy to sit in front of my iTunes and reading titles and therefore I don’t really do it and that ends up in forgotten names of tracks and albums. Awful. And embarrassing. That’s all.