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"It is wonderful to be able experience art without understanding how it was meant or what makes it good." (Kim Boekbinder said that during an interview I did with her) I might not have the biggest knowledge about music but I have a great passion for it. Passion is what counts.

I live in Berlin, Germany (born, raised and still resident) and this is my personal blog about music and other things that cross my way. Things I love to be exact. And even though I am German and my English is still not perfect, this blog is in English.

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Shoes And Socks Off “Tork Sport” (warning: you might get an epileptic shock from it…at least that’s what I fear when the end of the video is reached.)

This is a new video from SASO. The song is taken from his forthcoming album “Miles Of Mad Water” (will be released on May 14th on BSM and Father Figure Records). I might have to get used to his new electronic sound but the more often I hear it the more it all fits together. The voice and the video game sound. But at the same time his voice sounds not like one made for electronic - for me his voice kind of demands something rawer. It’s a bit like two worlds colliding and that is what I find interesting but I still have to get used to it I guess. I am waiting for the album and then see how it goes. I am sure I’ll love it. 


May 11 – The Great Escape Festival, Brighton
May 16 – The Garage, London *
May 17 – O2 Academy 2, Birmingham *
May 19 – Brudenell, Leeds  *
May 20 – King Tuts, Glasgow *
May 21 – O2 Academy, Newcastle *
May 22 – Deaf Institute, Manchester *
May 23 – O2 Academy, Oxford *

* Supporting Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly

Go & see him live!

Well, I have been to London. On my first night I have been to a pub with live music across the street from where I stayed and saw two mediocre bands - afterwards I talked to one of the people working there who wanted to sell me the headliner as the next big thing….well, I don’t think so. Especially after I have been to Alcopopalooza two days later - I knew most of the bands/artists playing beforehand just from hearing them on CD. It is so, so amazing when you finally see them live and they are even more amazing! I am - as you might have noticed - a massive fan of Alcopop Records and their rooster (read this for an example) but have only seen a few of them live during the 2 years I have been following this label. 

It all happened in the Brixton Windmill. After a little walk around Brixton (well, I got a bit lost) I arrived just in time to see the first artist. The day was divided into two parts - the first part of today was filled with outdoor acoustic music and the second with loud and louder rock music inside of the Windmill. And in between we had a fabulous BBQ.

The first artist was Norwegian artist Bellman. He was one of the few artist I haven’t heard of until then. He actually released an album last week called “The Curse”. I liked him. He is making wonderful Pop songs. When I got back home I realized that his band sat in the audience as well. The little garden filled up with people rather fast but yet it took a few more artists until many more people found their way to the Windmill.


After a few minutes the second artist was Dexy without his band The Hand me Downs took the stage. The way he looks (and his shirt) give a good idea of how his music sounds and probably about the people who inspired him, too. It’s a bit of Rock’n’Roll, a bit of Country, a bit of Pop - this direction. Since I have heard a bit of him before it was very nice to see him perform. He covered a song by Weezer and dedicated a song to his cat who died a few weeks ago (and if start to get into Alcopop you’ll learn to love puppies and kittens). All in all a very good set.


He was followed by Shoes And Socks Off who made a little mess with his two guitars (acoustic and electric) and quite a few pedals. Of this complete day he is the one I have seen the most often. He played a few new tracks which sounded very good. As always I wished I could have understand all his lyrics while I hear them. I am gutted I couldn’t buy the new album of his other band Love Among The Mannequins! I will just have to wait until I can order it. And he has a lyric book (with a CD with demos) coming out soon which should be quite rad. 

Shoes And Socks Off 

Next up were †Hymns† with their first ever acoustic set. By this time the garden was filled. The singer was the first one who actually didn’t need the microphone. They usually make catchy Rock music and on Alcopopalooza they made acoustic Rock with piano, guitar or a bit of drums (not all of it at the same - they are “only” a duo usually with guitar and drums). It was actually very interesting to see them for the first time and acoustic. It was well amazing. Now I want to see them playing not acoustic! They have also released a video to their single “A Punch To The Temple” just a few days ago (watch here). SASO and †Hymns† are both on Big Scary Monsters and on tour in this month. 


The last but not least one was Katie Malco. Again a very different sound to the ears. She is making wonderful Pop music. I am not sure why I haven’t checked her out before - I have heard so many good things about her and yet I had to travel all this way to see her live and fall in love with her music. I might had been close to having a tear in the corner of my eye. While I write this I’m listening to her last EP “Four Goodbyes”. A new one is coming soon (actually October but time is running fast). 

And I can’t understand why some people couldn’t wait until she is finished to get to the BBQ and had to make their way to it through her set, a load of people who listened and the “stage” while she was still playing… some are just very weird….Well, I think Katie reacted very well. And also it their own fault for missing out on such amazing music. 

Katie Malco

Katie Malco

She was the last one to play outside. I haven’t caught a lot of Delta/Alaska really - the first band inside (because of standing in a row and eating and so on). I don’t feel like being able to say something about them from just a few bits of their last song. But from what remember from their track on BSM ‘10 Collection they have a sound with complex melodious sound.

Next up were The Attika State - a band I have been loving into pieces and I am pretty sure to have listen to their album “Measures” for days since it got released last year. And there was this little bit of fear that I just couldn’t match my high expectations (which I had for every band playing this evening). They have played the perfect Rock concert. I mean huge smiles on their faces and our faces. Huge sing-a-longs all over (of these kind which just happen because everyone can’t help themselves but sing the songs they love and not being asked for “help”). And incredible lots of fun and sweat. Singer Rudi stood in front of the stage with the result that he went into the audience and the rest had enough space to jump and dance. It was one this on the point concerts. The energy was just amazing. Yes, I very much love The Attika State more than I ever did (never thought that was possible). 

Of course I am now left with that usual problem: When will I see them live again? (A problem I have with all the bands I saw that night.)


The Attika State  

Can you see the smiles? 

The Attika State

And then Ute. Loved their set. The way singer Ollie tells/sings the stories is amazing. I mean the songs are full stories and that is how he presents them - more as a story teller then a pure singer. And I love his voice. They sure had a few technical difficulties but that doesn’t matter in the end. They had this point in their set where they were shouting and rolling over the floor and everything up to a point where it almost seemed too ridiculous. Well, but to be honest I can’t describe this properly with words (in any language). It is one of the things you have to see to get it. 


I missed (sort of sadly) quite a lot of Jumping Ships set. I just got into the first row right in time to hear “Heart And Hope” and a song of their “Orientation” EP. As all bands they seemed to enjoy their set as well. And well, they sure got the jumping of their name right. Young and wild. 

They should be releasing something any time soon, I hope (I think). 

Jumping Ships

I have missed Light Guides, the latest signing of Alcopop, mainly because I need a little break and some fresh air and started chatting with some people (bands) about how much I love their stuff. Nevertheless: it was so hot inside! I saw their (Brixton Windmill’s) security system or how to keep women inside the club because they are scared. I have heard it is an Irish thing. Is it? 

Dog on The Roof

My First Tooth! Amazing! That simple (or not). It is fascinating to watch Sophie juggling all her instruments (but mainly she played her violin). They have played among others “Dubrovnik” which I really loved  - it is one of my most favourite tracks of their album “Territories”. They are going more into a Folk direction. I know their music for quite some time now - a bit after I learned about Alcopop Records I felt for them. It’s more of a silent love in a way but I am so happy that I have seen them finally, too. 

My First Tooth

The last one on stage (and before everyone had to run for their trains) was Johnny Foreigner. As always amazing. They brought the punk to the BBQ. And more sweat and dancing and sing-a-longs and happiness and Jack finally joining the dancing crowd. And some people leaving early because of the last train (but as I figured out the night buses in London are pretty good…anyway).

Johnny Foreigner

Now it feels so unreal that I have been there! It is like a dream. Well worth the travelling - I might have said it before but I only regret the things I didn’t do and can just imagine how hard I would kick my ass if I would have stayed at home (in Berlin). It was one of the best things I have attended in a very long time. 

What made Alcopopalooza a (huge) bit different from many other concerts I have seen (in general) is that many of the bands are friends and everyone just loves Jack Pop (you’ll have to). And that is a whole different vibe to just putting together some bands playing on the same day. You can just feel this different energy. 

I think I’ll be back for next years Alcopopalooza IV. 

Thank you for reading,


P.S. A few more photos are on my flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/_heilewelt_/sets/72157627169889088/ :)

P.P.S. I might have forgotten to mention a few things but maybe you get an idea and check out all the bands! I think they all have more heart in their shows and songs and everything then a lot of the bigger ones. 

Shoes And Socks Off “Made”. If you want this song then go to http://www.shoesandsocksoff.co.uk/ and join the mailing list until next Wednesday. 

It’s been an odd but certainly wonderful evening full of really good live music (talking about last Thursday). The odd part is something you’ll learn about at some point later this month. But when the music was playing I didn’t feel odd. As usual. It was musically seen a perfect evening for me. If you follow my blog a bit you know how much I’ve been looking forward to see Tubelord and Shoes And Socks Off. If you haven’t followed it the short story: I saw both late September. I did knew SASO before then and love his music ever since I heard it for the first time. And I saw Tubelord playing a little acoustic concert with Alan Welsh of Tangled Hair singing instead of Jo. I was rather curious to see how they play and sound in a “normal” set.

Did my expectations get fulfilled? Yes. They are quite different from what I know from the first CD and everything but I knew that. I wish it had been full and sweaty instead of rather empty but therefore a lady had enough room to dance. I think my mind slipped away for a bit - I can’t tell you what songs they actually played but that I enjoyed every single one of them and I smiled in between because of happiness. Maybe it was a tiny little bit to short. They reminded me that I have to go to more louder concerts again. 

Their support was Shoes And Socks Off, Tobias Hayes. He is great. He is basically a man with a guitar but with a difference to other men with guitars I have heard lately. Not because he is doing happy music but the way he sings and his lyrics are, they are sort of depressive but in much different way. I wish I was able to hear out all lyrics when I hear a song for the first time and not only snippets. 

He was first and the venue was pretty empty at that point and some were talking which is (as always) rather disrespectful, I think. But then the venue seemed to prepare the club night during the concert of SASO and Tubelord. It’s been a while since I saw staff filling the bar, bringing ice etc. while the concert is on. That just has been a bit strange. Sure it is almost as strange as being at a restaurant to see some live music action.

Or in other words: I headed to the second set of Clusterfuck at the White Trash hosted by Elyas Khan after SASO and Tubelord finished (can’t believe it was already time for it again - where have the last weeks been?). It was amazing as always. This time there were a banjo, guitars, bass, drums, a mandolin and an accordion. And what also changed since the last time: the “front man” changed more often. We had Ivan playing a cover of (I think) “Somebody To Love” which was simply awesome. There was this automatic smile one my face and a certain joy. SImply joy.

Ivan, super banjo guy (who later played a song which had a lot of New Orleans in it):

Afterwards I talked to Jim who played the accordion and while the DJ out on some classic rock tune he told me that he plays this song on drums and accordion….at the same time (!) and sings to it (!). Who wouldn’t like to see that? I am super curious to see how this works out. He told me he is playing 4 times a week in a underground station in Berlin and makes a living out of it. Amazing. 

Super bass player, Jim, Elyas Khan:

I feel so sorry for not remembering all names and songs that were played over the whole evening. Had to soak up the music. :D 

Thank you for reading.


P.S. I also got my physical copy of Kim Boekbinder’s fabulous record “The Impossible Girl”. It has such a beautiful artwork! I did an Interview with her a little while ago and wrote a bit more about her record over there. Go and listen!

P.P.S. Must see another bearded musician next week. Who is in Berlin? 

…are Tubelord and Shoes And Socks Off in town. I am waiting for it since September last year and got pretty excited by now. Should be all sorts of awesome. I am eager to see if they can keep my month of beards going. 

See here one of many reasons why:

Can’t even tell you how much like a fanatic I feel now (but I think so far it is under control. ha ha). It’s strange when look forward to something for such a relatively long time and then it is finally there! A thrill of anticipation (I hope that the right word combination, anticipation sounds rather negative) is with me since about a week.

And talking about being fanatic (it’s under control, I promise) and beards, here is a new bit from William Fitzsimmons. He is talking about his new album. His new album is so beautiful. Trust me, it is. I already love it to pieces.

And I finally asked one of the persons (well, his publicist) I wanted to do an interview with for years if it was possible. Maybe someday it will happen. I hope. So many unanswered question buzzing in my head. 

Time for bed. Thank you for reading.


Awesomeness at its best! Favorite band/person coming to Berlin! I am so exited. It is actually no news to me but reading it pink (or red) on lighter pink (or black on white) just makes it a bit more official and a bit more awesome! I am so curious to see Tubelord for the first time on a normal concert since I’ve only seen them acoustic. And I am looking forward to see Shoes And Socks Off again. 


P.S. Read the interview I did with Shoes And Socks Off here :)

P.P.S. I often see people moaning when bands don’t come to their town. Traveling is so cheap nowadays - especially between UK and Europe! I have done it often enough to know and I don’t have much money. And when you’re clever you can even skip the part with the hostel - sleep is so overrated anyway! (and Berlin is a town which almost never sleeps…through summer is much nicer for things like that.)

Between being ill and study and sleep and being more ill and all that in the last days I thought about doing a 2010 what I loved list but there was so much and the list would be long! I mean what do consider a highlight in terms of music? Calling one of your favorite musicians in a hotel somewhere in France and do an interview for about an hour? Or traveling to Kiel, Germany, to do an interview with someone whose music mean the world to you but no one has ever seen the interview (which makes me still sad)? Meeting lots of new awesome people in Berlin and in England? Finding so much great new tunes that you don’t know how 2011 can actually beat it? (Despite -of course- William Fitzsimmons new record which is already a highlight for me and seeing him again in February.)

So, Archive have been in quite a few highlights. I have done an interview with Danny Griffiths, one of the founders and minds behind Archives sound (well, there are all somehow minds behind the sound but he was the one always working on this project along with Darius Keeler). I love them for years and that was really great. Their concert in Leipzig was amazing as well. Sweaty and intensive. And then I also did an interview with Dave Pen who besides singing/writing/etc in Archive has also a band called Birdpen (and were support for Archive and wrote “Airspace” which is one of the most fitting songs for many of my moods). 

I think which got developed and big in this year as well was my love for indie record labels-mainly Alcopop and Big Scary Monsters (no surprise there). And I think it gets summed up in their sampler which was released not too long ago (listen and buy here or buy a CD in on of the two shops). I can’t even tell you who I like best of all those bands. I think The Attika State have a huge spot in my heart right next to Stagecoach and Screaming Maldini and Tall Ships and Tellison. Oh, and former Alcopoppers The Candle Thieves who are the reason everything started. And their “Sunshine and Other Misfortunes” album alongside with the EP’s released are the biggest bowl of colorful, sweet and sour bonbons you can imagine. 

I believe I have stumbled over a lot of bands released by BSM without knowing it before and ending up being very surprised like Tubelord and Pulled Apart By Horses. I love PABH. They are awesomely nice (yep, another interview I’ve done) and their live shows are definitely one of the best I’ve seen this year. All 3 times I have seen them-even when they are tired they seem to be more energetic than most other rock bands out there at the moment. And you can heard that in their record as well. And Tubelord. I still don’t know how they actually are live since I’ve only seen an acoustic show but I am very keen to find out soon! And Shoes And Socks Off, oh how I love his voice….! And his records. I am rather happy that I’ve given in and listened to him. There is sometimes so much out there to listen to that even if a million people talk about that person, I won’t go and listen because I am already having too much to listen to but then I heard his music and he is amazing. 


And then we have this bands and artists I found because of other people like Sxip Shirey and his mind blowing “Sonic New York” who I sought up after I saw him, Amanda Palmer and Kill Hannah performing together on Kill Hannah’s concert in Berlin. And his live performance is incredible. The first time I saw him alone was after the Eels concert in Berlin (I do love Eels by now otherwise I wouldn’t have had bought E’s complete studio albums within a year!) and both were almost an overdose of great live music! Sxip was playing with Elyas Khan and from that point on it just got better. Seeing Feloché because of them and then all of them together in the encore and later in the year meeting the fabulous Kim Boekbinder who took the word intense performance a bit to another level with her second set at the White Trash. Haven’t seen someone being that exhausted on a stage in a while. And she wrote “Rainbows And Unicorns”-yep, another song written about me without knowing me.

Elyas Khan @ White Trash 11.9.10 Sxip Shirey @ White Trash 11.9.10

And then there was Peter Broderick who is music which is at some points even sadder than the music of William Fitzsimmons. I found because of a recommendation of Tubelord (one of them, not sure who, you’ll never know who answers). And rather differently to most of things I have listened this year (not that there are many band who actually sound too close to each other). 

I also remember The Blue Van doing a rock show at the Bang Bang Club and the thought of never wanting to be their piano but only because they do rock’n’roller things to it and their album which I listened to a lot in the beginning of the year, already thinking it was one of the best things this year.

Same goes for Dukes Of Windsor. And in the middle of this year Scissor Sisters - sweaty, dancy fun with a straight sex record. 

And Laura Jansen - if I ever fall in love with a woman it might be her. Her music is going right into my heart and she is funny and lovely and everything. And it is another proof of never judge music by the first listen! 2011 is going to be great for her in Germany. 

And there are probably so many other things I might have forgotten now. I should add photos tomorrow, maybe not. Maybe the artists I mentioned in many cases have influenced me in some way. Some of them definitely did like The Candle Thieves, Sxip Shirey, William Fitzsimmons, Laura Jansen or Archive. 

Thank you for all the good music and thank you to those who made a few of these things possible (=FastForward Magazine for whom I don’t write anymore). And thank YOU for reading. 

Much Love and an awesome new year to all of you.


P.S. List of forgotten highlights:

  1. Seeing Kashmir live. Last time was maybe 5 years ago. But the actual highlight: Singer dripping his sweat on me by purpose and after seeing me (and my look at him - not a mean look!) saying sorry (not very loud).
  2. SLASH APOLOGIZED TO ME! End of story. But still a very proud moment for my shy self. Read here.
  3. For 2011: Tubelord & Shoes And Socks Off. in Berlin. 
  4. Realizing as I go through my photos: I’ve seen Midlake, Mika, Fanfarlo, Erik Penny (3 times incl. his living room), Band of Skulls, General Fiasco, The Black Box Revelation, The Good Fiction (finally!!!), Lars And The Hands Of Light, Pearl Jam, Astronautalis, We Were Promised Jetpacks, Kellermensch, Queens Of The Stone Age beyond MANY other bands. It’s not like I have forgotten about them but it just has been so much this year! :)

This is the second to last interview I did for FastForward Magazine (sad). The original article can be found there: http://fastforward-magazine.de/?p=7742 and this is as always just the English version, the part I translated into German. I love the music he makes with Shoes And Socks Off. It’s sort of sad and calming and he has a wonderful voice. He had been very nice, thoughtful and funny.  

D: You put 4 records out in the last 2 years-why so many?

T: I guess, because I was touring I was like in a band. I guess I just wanted to stay really busy because when you are with a band you practice or you rehearse and then you write and you record. But when you are on your own you never practice because it is no one telling to. You just write and I figured out that there is no point in holding back stuff. Just keep doing it as it comes out and it might just stuck. Just literally to keep busy and sort of write some lyrics, play chords and when it’s cool and filling the gap until I get another band.

D: Now you have like 2 or 3 bands…

T: Yeah, a few other things are going on […] Well, none of them are particularly full time actually. It’s like get some pieces wherever. One of them is just to do an album and not playing live. We’re just recording a record and that’s that. Bermuda Ern it’s called. And then there is one called Amateurs which I guess will do an album and tour the record and stuff like that. And then there is another one called “Vietwow”-it is fun. It is quite fun. But thats kind of just when we all have a bit of time. And there is a new one- I gonna try and get really busy and thats kind of starting in about two weeks.

D: Did you put out everything you write?

T: Pretty much, yeah. There no kind of like quality control and stuff. All of it. [laughter] Every time 10 songs are written thats an album, every 10 songs.

D: You have re-done “Muddy banks of Melitza” with full band…

T: Yeah, but some of it was just programmed and stuff and samples. But lots of different people were working on it so it wasn’t really me. I mean like I kind of overlooked everything but it wasn’t really me doing it. I give it to the people doing it and see what happen. Quite scary actually.

D: Do you like it what came out of it?

T: Yeah, some of it. About half of it I wouldn’t have done like that but some of it I really like.

D: That’s the plus side of having a band around.

T: Yeah, no, definitely. I miss that. Just having other peoples input and put other ideas to that . Definitely miss that.

D: When I looked at your records I recognized you always had this black bird and the white and it looked kind of majestic and now you have the pigeons (Laughter both sides) landing. Did you change it for any reason?

T: I think…I don’t know…It felt natural like the first two records just felt natural. Just gonna be…as the third one was being recorded it felt like a period coming to an end and it just felt natural to do the three releases with similar covers. Thats why they were coming in a box set now. The next one felt different. I don’t know it felt like I was figuring out what Shoes And Socks Off was about and what it is in my life and also kept bsm was up for releasing it properly and it has to have nice artwork and I love doing artwork.

D: You also put like a lot of bonus stuff on your CDs.

T: It is kind of people hear the songs anyway. They find a way to hear them which is cool you know. So, I guess I trying to make the actual CD is worth having for this.  You know there is lots of space.  When you just have a normal music CD there is lots of space to put other stuff on there. You might as well just fill it up. I wanna try and always do that and put lots of stuff on there. Some people don’t even know until like a year down the line and they put it into their computer and find lots of pictures and whatever.

D: Why did you make the videos to all the songs?

T: It started of as something to just be fun. I liked the idea that you could do it. Some of the music videos were just playing and lots of nice camera angles and everyone just looked cool. I just thought it would be a good chance to do something creative and I kind of thought maybe to get lots of different people to something cool and creative. It ended up being quite difficult because everyone has got like lots of different ideas and some of them I really didn’t want to put myself in it. The first one was cool. My friend Danielle did an animation with her art create drawing moving around. That was brilliant. And other people got in touch. The people are really good and stuff but their ideas were quite challenging and saw me walking on the beach looking sad and all this kind of stuff. And I was not open for that.

D: Nooo? That would have been amazing….black and white, some fog [laughter]

T: Oh no [sounded slightly distressed by the thought of it] It was a lot of those ideas and I just thought it would be cool if people would do animation or something strange. I ended up doing much myself really. I knew it would be a lot of work. And I was stealing footage from various places and stuff like that. Don’t know how legal that was. I am not making any money. It’s was just kind of fun to do something a bit creative. I think I would like to do it again, I think maybe I will do it for the next album as well. Maybe give us a bit more time and try to make them a bit better.

D: I think some of them are quite funny also like really fitting.

T: Remember the one with the cars crashing?

D: I love that one [CYF] .

T: I really like it. It is so sad. It is meant to be like a road safety video and it was meant to be shocking but it is just so funny with the cars a bumping into each other.

D: And I like the one with the kite, ‘Here’s My Head On A Plate’. Thats the best angle you can get.

T: I like that one. I wanted to do that for ages. Probably with on of the other bands but it never happened really. So, I did it. The idea was just to have a video of me but then once we did it it was kind of a bit boring so we kind of edited it together so it looked like it would crash. The first time it went off and I was like “erm…yeah….” [pretending to hold a kite etc]. It’s was just too boring. We just made it look like it was crashing. You just had to take off, deleted all the flying and the landing right next to it. That’s it and did a lot of that and I quite like it. It looks quite natural. I am pleased with it.

D: You are very lyric driven, does it bother you when someone just don’t get them?

T: No, I don’t mind. I think. People can think what they want and take what they want from it really. Some friends have a bit of sharing my songs all over the web and they mean a lot to them and it is really touching. It is really flattering but they take it and it mean something else to them entirely. That’s cool. I guess that anyone can take it to mean anything. To me anyone who knows the meaning behind some of it, it is so obvious. They are like “No way you could do that there”. […] I hope I make them a little bit vague enough. I hope.

D: Are they (lyrics) also important to you when you listen to other music?

T: Yeah, I think lyrics are very important. I like other things as well like the way it is recorded and it could be a band I would normally like but really gone another way with their stuff and I could really never listen to it because it sounds all polished and I really like it when it sounds rubbish-just too loud and…I don’t know…

D: Is it sometimes difficult because you are an artist yourself so you can hear all the stuff or is sometimes stupid?

T: You mean with the actual sound of recording?

D: Yeah, on recordings, on live concerts and you can hear the mistakes and stuff when you just want to enjoy it…

T: I guess so. I guess it is more when someone had too much time to spend over in the studio then it sound too perfect, it just doesn’t sound real or sound like a band is playing. It sounds like somebody spend a lot of money in the studio.

D: You avoided that by recording first one in your bedroom…

T: Yeah, I guess so. It was with the old guitarist of my old band Shield your Eyes and he kind recorded it really with his computer and a little tape machine. It wasn’t really thought out. I didn’t really know what was gonna happen with it. It was kind of just recorded. And I guess I was lucky. BSM put it out.

D: Would you prefer to record your stuff that way than in an actual studio?

T: In some ways. It depends on the studio. Sometimes the studio feels like they… the walls suck up the sound, the sound doesn’t bounce anywhere. It sounds dead and nothing sounds like that. It is really makes you feel a bit uncomfortable. It just depends on the place. Some places are nice to play, lots of studios are really drained and I don’t wanna be here. Get a good room and get some equipment in there and make it that way.

D: You way you had a short way to bed….

T: It was nice in your own flat. Set up all the stuff at lunch time and then record the sound and at dinner time it was all finished. That’s quickly. Better than spending too much time thinking about it all.

D: Have you been nervous when you heard that you’re going to release the first record?

T: Not really, no. It is weird, I don’t really get nervous about it. The thing is I get more nervous about playing it because I think on the recording you get it as close how you want it to sound. And then live you have one try and that’s it. And when it comes to doing it live a lot of the times it’s like my songs are sad and you’re playing it on a evening and probably everyone in the a crowd wants to went out to have a good night. And I go on stage and am the miserable one and everyone is like [sighs]. I mean it is not always like that but sometimes you can really feel it when the night has a strange atmosphere anyway and I am playing this really sad songs. It is pretty exhausting. It is quite demanding and I get more nervous about that. Not because I want everyone to like me […] I am sorry. As far as the recording goes I don’t mind it. You just get it as you like it. Don’t really mind.

D: Will you ever be in Germany playing?

T: I think Febuary. It is not confirmed yet. But I think I should tour with a band called Tubelord. And it is the whole of February we just going out and make the whole of Europe, France, Swizerland, Germany, kind of the rest.

Thank you for the interview, Toby.

Actually I should do something different now than writing my blog. I should listen to another mumbling competition or study but I think I have to get something off my chest before I can continue doing these I kind of things today. It has been on my mind all morning and I can’t really focus on the stuff I should do. This week has been mediocre - good music wise (will write about this in a bit) and then I found out once more that I am very thin-skinned when it comes to certain things. The thing is that I already get nightmares of horror movies - I’ve been forced to see “Scream” when I was like 17 and even though it is more than 10 years back I still see the scene in the garden when I am home alone an let down the shutters to our backyard or the one with the garage door. I still see the end scene of “Haunted House/Castle/whatever” which I saw when I was 18 and my ex boyfriend tried to convince me that it is a happy ending. Or when I read the book to “Seven” - I had to stop somewhere in the middle because I got heavy nightmares of it. This was all at the same time of my life and since then I refuse to watch anything that is close to horror - except that one time a friend got me “Pans Labyrinth” for my birthday - she thought it was less horror and more like story for kids. Very wrong. Nightmares… I had to watch it to the end, thought it might be better then. So, I am already not good with dealing with fictional horror.

Dealing with real horror is even worse. I know it is there a lot of it and mostly I kind of avoid dealing with it to be honest. It is certainly not the right way but it brings me down so badly that it takes me days to get back on track and to get it off being constantly on my mind takes me much longer. And at the moment I need me to be sort of ok there just to get through a normal day already. But that is me. A friend of mine changed his life in a big way because of things like animal testing and all this stuff - he became vegetarian. I have a huge respect for him doing this (I might not have seemed like this but thats the way it is, Scott. You rock!). I am not so good with words sometimes. I admire everyone who is doing the things he needs to do to find himself and to be happier. One of my principles is take everyone as he comes (accept everyone the way he is, try my best there) and when he wants to change go along with it and be supportive - if that makes sense. It is mostly good to change yourself in order to be more satisfied with yourself. Sometimes this actually happens without noticing it. I think I changed quite a bit during the last year or two. I got more open and sometimes less shy (considering that I told Slash my opinion on Monday! Read here: http://heilewelt.tumblr.com/post/674668411/slash-apologized-to-me). A friend of me told me that as well and I refused it to be true but I think it is. I might have changed a bit. I think I lost some weight due to doing sport as well but I am not sure. I didn’t really checked it because it always sets up some kind of pressure and I didn’t want that. I have done enough diets in my life and lost enough weight and gained enough weight again to come to a point where I think that it is good to do something, eat less sweets and all that. Changing a little bit to feel better with myself. Once you feel good about one part of yourself, the rest will follow. :)

This was the personal part of my blog - something I wanted to avoid but yet just can’t. On the other hand I had a fabulous week music wise (even the Slash concert had its ups). It all started of by the arrival of the new single of the Elephants (yet another great signing of Alcopop records - the only favorite record label I have). It came with a unique cover (1 of 100 polaroids) and I think I got a pretty awesome one:

I love their song “Strong Arms”. I have been listening to it for days and barely could turn something else on. I love the beginning: 

"If I saw your cheeks were wet. And the tears rolled down filling the room with water.

I’d build us both a boat. To keep us save until our heads reach the ceiling.

'cos I still know, yeah I still know, 'cos I still know we'll be alright

And with strong arm I will hold you tight and make everything alright…”

Maybe it is because of me being me at the moment and strong arms are just what I would need sometimes. But the song is a lot of fun as well. I just wanna dance to it (my inner self wants to dance). It makes me smile. So, the melody makes me want to dance and the lyrics give the feeling that there are still those guys with strong arms who can make everything ok. They give that good feeling you just sometimes need. Listen to them: http://www.myspace.com/fullyelephants

Another awesomeness came 2 days later. Everyone who knows me, knows I love awesome wrappings. And you can bet that if someone puts the download link to his EP into a fortune cookie that I’ll buy the the fortune cookie! Downloads are just so boring. It is the fast food of music (for me at least). The awesome guy who did this is Sam Little and the EP is called “Trust me, something beautiful will happen”. He is one of those Artists I heard much good about but refused to listen to because I didn’t had much money and wanted to save some (haha). Idiotic way of thinking. I love his EP. I think something beautiful happens when you listen to it. He makes this perfect summer singalong songs of which you don’t grow bored or tired after listening to them more than 3 times. I felt a bit weird being that excited about a fortune cookie. But I was. Huge smile alarm. I took some photos while unwrapping it :D So, maybe you feel the awesomeness and regret not ordering one ;)

Here is the wrapped cookie:

I love this comic book style writing of his name as well. And here is the cookie:

Can you feel the awesomeness? I love it. I  love these kind of ideas. Is it too much to say they make the world a better place? Probably yes but they are a mood saver. They will rescue any stupid day. :) 

You can listen to Sam Littles music over there: http://www.purevolume.com/SamLittle and probably fall in love (I did, you should). I highly recommend it. 

And then I also got “Don’t Blame Yourself, It’s In Your Blood” from Shoes and Socks Off. It is a three CD set with bonus material so quite a lot to listen to and watch and lyrics -you probably know the deal. It takes a bit to get through all :) Love it. And there is this nice video of him to the song “Smithereens” (need to remember that when I write my blog of beards. haha):

I really like him and I like his voice a lot. Voices are so important to me. I would love to see him live because I have heard some recordings and I think they are pretty nice! :)

And a band that I missed to see live last week (a bit gutted about it but sometimes I just can’t force myself to do things): Mimas. Got their “The Worries” as well yesterday (not really a new record). Didn’t had much time to listen to them completely but yes, I like them.

And then this guy called Stylusboy added me on twitter and send me to a website to listen to his music and download it for free (here: http://stylusboy.bandcamp.com/). His music fits into my little folk loving heart (you know, this Ten Out Of Tenn thing loving side of me - such a great compilation). He has got a style close to the music on this Album with a very warm voice and his background singer makes it very beautiful. (Yep, the most professional “Warm voice” term. Don’t know how to say it in another way.)

I think the music universe wanted to make up for the other issues I had last week. Sometimes I feel like music is my only saver when everything goes wrong it is still there to get me through. Ok, only is a bit too much but things would be much more worse without it. I love music for just being there. :) I wish I had the time to write a decent article about every single band/singer I mentioned today. :/

On the other hand I wasted a bit of my time to write postcards that I found (while cleaning my room) from my vacation in California in 2008 with little stories from that vacation and send them to whoever wants one. I made them really beautiful. If you fancy one then give me a shout. I’ll happily send one over (wherever that is and no matter if I know you or not). The first feedback was very positive. :)

To make other people smile, makes me happy. You know, I just want to see you happy. That’s it. 

Thank you for reading and have a great week.


P.S. Slash apologized to me. Come on, that is great, isn’t it? (Mainly because of me being brave enough to tell a legend my opinion even it was about such useless stuff.)

P.P.S. Maybe not that long. Posted a lot during the week. 

P.P.S. Very beautiful song, wonderful video by Sxip Shirey! ‘Brooklyn Bridge Song’ -http://nyti.ms/cQ2rJB