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"It is wonderful to be able experience art without understanding how it was meant or what makes it good." (Kim Boekbinder said that during an interview I did with her) I might not have the biggest knowledge about music but I have a great passion for it. Passion is what counts.

I live in Berlin, Germany (born, raised and still resident) and this is my personal blog about music and other things that cross my way. Things I love to be exact. And even though I am German and my English is still not perfect, this blog is in English.

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It’s been some busy couple of weeks and I still have more to write and more to do then my time allows me to do. That, however, doesn’t stop me from doing ridiculously short journeys like the one I’ll tell you about right now. I have been to London last weekend for round about 30 hours just to watch some bands playing a little all-dayer called Alcopopalooza. Alcopop! Records who make this little event every year is by far my favourite record label - not only because they have a great selection of released records and are truely one of the most creative label I know when it comes to how the releases are “shaped”. They have also Jack Pop as their owner - he is simply great and his passion for what he is doing and the music is amazing and - yes ,I am going to say it - inspiring. And also the love among the bands and the bands have a lot of love for Jack. Whenever I go to an Alcopop Event like Alcopopalooza or the Christmas Party, it’s completely different to a “normal” concert or a “normal” all-dayer. It’s like a family reunion or something.

Just like last year it took place at the Brixton Windmill, the ticket came with a free BBQ, I got lost on the way to the Windmill, the rain stopped more or less the minute I arrived at the venue and the night buses back “home*” weren’t too bad. Same procedure as every year. Well, not music wise.  

The day started with five acoustic acoustic acts outside. The first one to play in the little beer garden behind the Windmill was the man himself: Jack Pop. Handsome of face and voice. The eyes turned towards the horizon. I swear I saw rainbows and unicorns while he sang. He was as he said not on the actual line up and a pre warming party. He covered Ace of Base’s “All That She Wants” - if you haven’t heard his version you have missed out badly. 


Dexy and his Rock’n’Roll was up next. I keep seeing him playing the White Trash here in Berlin - he and his music would fit perfectly into this environment of rock. Dexy has the charm of the old days but without being antiquated. I wonder how he sounds with his band “The Hand Me Downs” - there are videos and stuff but I guess they are way more rock then a video can show. 


The Super Mallia Brothers (aka Warren and Martin Mallia of The Attika State, both played acoustic guitar) were amazing. I love The Attika State and they are amazing acoustic as well. I still wonder why Warren actually bothers to use a microphone. He sings/shouts with so much passion that it is actually useless. he played a blend of old and new songs. I think “Recycle”, “Sound of The Stereo” and from the ThreEPeople “6 Shots” were among them. For me it is still like the first time I heard them - their songs sound like the pure passion for music and it obviously doesn’t matter if the play with a full band or “just” as a two piece. I was sad to hear that their drummer left the band. I heard that very often lately. Drummers are a precious thing (as a friend told me), aren’t they? 

And we had a special watcher for this concert as well. The dog on the roof (actual dog on actual roof) was lurking around the corner to see who is making so much noise but he stayed calm. Phew. 


Next up was Stephen from Tellison. Quite the opposite of Warren volume-wise seen. Rather quiet and rather wonderful as well. I don’t know too much of their music - I have “Collarbone” at home and love it. And also “Wasp’s Nest” of Alcopopular 3 and “Edith Wharton” from BSM ‘10 Collection but haven’t bought an album until now. I don’t know the reason**.  I am sure he played the latter one I mentioned. I will mention him later once more. The little beer garden was crowded by that time. If you haven’t got there during the first few songs there was almost no change to get a spot where you could actually see him (and I am tall).

The last one to play outside was Alexei of Johnny Foreigner with his solo project Yr Friends. It’s was quite different to see and hear him doing a singer-songwriter kind of thing. Since he grew a bread (singer-songwriters do that as he said) his music was pretty good and very quiet. I have a theory: Men with Beard make good music. I have another proof for that.

Pretty much everyone stopped talking when he started to play a few songs because they wanted to listen or maybe they were afraid to be punched by him?  Both things were possible. 

This is him:


Unfortunately I missed half of Katie Malco's set because I sat outside eating the delicious BBQ and talking to friends (but better then last year where I missed a whole set of I think it was Delta/Alaska for that reason**). She was the first one to play inside the venue and once again I saw her without her band. The third time now. Another artist of that day where I start to wonder how she might sound like with a band. She played a new track which I missed unfortunately and of which I heard just good things. She is wonderfully sassy and I love her when she plays live.  In a weird way she reminds me of that ideal world that never exist - not even on tv. For some weird reason I don't know myself I can hear her music in the background of a series like “Dawson's Creek” (like the first two seasons or so) - I mean that as a compliment even if it doesn't sound like it. Back in the days I loved Dawson's Creek. Maybe it's because of the Lisa Loeb cover she plays and belongs into this time for me. 

I didn’t take a good photo this year, so I just take one of last years Alcopopalooza to bring some more beauty (I think she is so beautiful!) in this post:

Katie Malco

The next band Her Parents were the first band to add some volume to the festival in the sense of being a pretty loud punk band who probably need some more time to grow together - the band is not that old, actually pretty new. They sounded not too bad from where I was (outside, chatting with friends) but not really something I was in the mood in to listen to. 

One of the on going themes of Alcopopalooza were new songs - pretty much all of the bands played new songs I haven’t heard yet. Gunning For Tamar were no exception. Among others they also played their new single “Dark Sky Tourism” (going to be released on Alcopop! Records on 6th of August with a beautiful poster created by Lewes Herriot and an usb stick). There was some heavy Alcopop! and BSM beach ball exchange going on while they played. We got them for free with our concert ticket and as you can probably imagine: they were flying around. No head was save.  

I just love their energy on stage. And the little keyboard melodies and the shouting. The thing with is band is: I just love them whether they play in a bedroom in Berlin or a club stage in London.There is not a special reason, it is just the whole package. That simple or not. 


Jumping Ships played probably just one old song “Bad Outweighed The Good”. Also, they have a new drummer now. Well, “new” - it’s a little bit ago and I just saw him for the first time, so he is just new to me but he did a very good job. The band is in the middle of writing a new album and so we got to her a lot of new songs - some not even 2 weeks old and the upcoming album seems to be a very diverse one but still will be Jumping Ships. 

I will just repeat a thing I said just one paragraph earlier: I love their energy on stage. I know how global that sounds and I don’t find better words to put it. They don’t use cables to connect their guitars to the amps or whatever so they can easily come off stage and disappear dancing in the crowd during the concert and be back to sing their words. Their “indie” rock is just lots of fun on stage!


After three years of abstinence from the live stage Sam Isaac came back for one (hopefully not) last acoustic concert. Well, the actual way he says it is “unforeseeable future”. He was accompanied by Sophie of My First Tooth on the backing vocals - she sang also on the 2009 release “Bears” and “When The Lights Went Out”. To be honest I haven’t known his music at all. I think he once was supported by The Candle Thieves before I were into them (there is a video of “Stars” of TCT online I watched like a billion times and I think it’s from the tour). The reason why I have kind of overseen him is probably because he stopped playing live about 3 years or so ago - that is the same time I got into TCT and Alcopop. I didn’t want to check out someone who just stopped. But why did no one told me to listen to his music? He is amazing! Everything is amazing: his voice, the melodies and the lyrics are striking. I love “Red Balloon”. I keep on summing "My Heart is a red balloon/coming up slowly to your room/and I felt right through the glass/covered in pieces of my past" in my head these days. The song can be found on his newest release “When The Light Went Out” (2012). 

But what really gave me goosebumps was the bunch of people in front of the stage singing all the lyrics to the old songs at the top of their lungs including Stephen and Jack and Katie and everyone. They all seemed so insanely happy that he played that one show. It was so beautiful to watch!

And last but not least I finally got to see Stagecoach….it took only three years and a few attempts. When it takes so long to see a band live you love so much there are two things happening: You get all excited because you heard how awesome they are live and then you get scared because they might not be able to actually full fill the expectation you have build up over the years. I am happy to announce they have easily outdone all of my expectations. Now I feel dumb for being even scared for the glimpse of a second. They played a mix of old and new song. They played “Ice Age”, “We Got Tazers!”, “Headbangers Ball” and “Good Luck with your 45” among others. There was dancing, singing along, crown surfing, ripping the line to the airing off the ceiling. And there was Alexei of JoFo joining on guitar for the last song (45) and Owen of Elephants (I miss them dearly) “joining” on vocals. Amazement. 


I loved the new songs they played - I had been immediately caught by them and doing my little thing I usually call dancing. Stagecoach have released a few singles and EP’s and have sounded quite differently one every single one. I mean they have catchy lyrics and melodies but they started being more Folk Pop went over to “Power Pop” and ended (so far) in a pretty rock direction. Luke (singer of Stagecoach) told me earlier that evening that he likes bands who are growing and changing in their sound with every album and that is exactly what Stagecoach does. Even though he told me into what direction the album goes, I can’t wait until it is finished and to really hear where they went. 

There is another thing when you have waited three years to see a band and they have outdone all your expectations: you’re craving to see them again. I think they’re in the studio for the next months or so. They are a band to rather take some more time to make everything right and they want it then write an album in a rush and then it’ll end up being shit. I happily wait until they are finished.


Another funny side note: Apparently I have been to so many Alcopop events (it was the 3.) that another visitor noticed me from another event. I find that quite hilarious because I can’t imagine someone I have never talked to remembers me after 6 month. Anyway, it was the most wonderful evening and I absolutely couldn’t ask for more. I can just highly recommend to go to any of these events. The next one might probably be the Alcopop! Christmas Party or one of the festival appearances in close future (like 2000 Trees and Truck). And another side note: on the way back with the night buses I passed The Spice Of Life and The Silver Bullet. I have been to both last time I have been to London. I have been in The Spice Of Life to watch Matt Emery (solo but he is also drummer in Stagecoach) and The Silver Bullet for the Alcopop Christmas Party. So many good memories….

On a different note/ a tip for you when you’re in London: On Sunday I have been to the Picasso & Modern British Art exhibition at the Tate Britain as my lovely host recommended it to me. I found it quite interesting to see his influence on some other painters like Hockney, Moore, Bacon and Sutherland and their work. One of the most staggering paintings (for me at least) was Bacon’s “Crucifixions” (1933) based on Picasso’s “Three Dancers” (1925).   It’s dark and light at the same time. It’s beautiful in a dark way. If you’re in London, go and see the exhibition but be aware that it is just running until the 15th of July. 

Hope you had a good weekend, too. I am going to play with my brand new Alcopop Beachball I got on Saturday.

Thanks for reading,


Look at more photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/_heilewelt_/sets/72157630512213230/

*I call whatever place I sleep at “home”. Unless it is a hostel or a hotel or an airport. 

**Maybe I am just an idiot?

Can you see the moon like a chandelier where the mermaids sing? - Alcopop! Late 2011 by alcopop

Do I need to say more than Alcopop Records is my favourite record label in the world? It’s a full package - great signings with great music and great people and lots of passion from all sides. And the best names for compilations. If not the title alone makes you download and listen to this free 6 track strong compilation then maybe this: the music on it is really, really good. It’s a bit for everyone, just like the label is. It’s not stuck on one music style but if there is something every artist on this label has in common it’s a love for sweet melodies. I love sweet melodies. Some are more rock, some pop, some a bit punk and some folky (folky is my new favourite word).  

This sampler shows a bit of this years autumn at Alcopop and it is for free. Jumping Ships have released their newest EP “Standard Bearer” not long ago, the new album of Johnny Foreigner “Vs Everything” is now out as well and both are awesome. Light Guides have an EP out. The Social Club and Katie Malco will follow with their releases this month (and are already up for pre-order). And My Firth Tooth’s album “Territories” was released earlier this year. I think Katie Malco is one of my most favourite discoveries of this year, if not the favourite and the new EP is just wonderful. “Johnny” is my favourite track of it and so it’s nice you’ll have it as a sneak peak here. I am not so sure how long I know Jumping Ships - it feels like they are in my playlist forever because I have listened to their music so much. The Social Club might be on the way there. And My Firth Tooth and Johnny Foreigner? The have a spot in my heart for ages already.  

Have a good Sunday,


Who makes your decisions? 

This is the amazing new video by Jumping Ships for the song “Talisman”. The video doesn’t need more words, just think about it. 

Well, I have been to London. On my first night I have been to a pub with live music across the street from where I stayed and saw two mediocre bands - afterwards I talked to one of the people working there who wanted to sell me the headliner as the next big thing….well, I don’t think so. Especially after I have been to Alcopopalooza two days later - I knew most of the bands/artists playing beforehand just from hearing them on CD. It is so, so amazing when you finally see them live and they are even more amazing! I am - as you might have noticed - a massive fan of Alcopop Records and their rooster (read this for an example) but have only seen a few of them live during the 2 years I have been following this label. 

It all happened in the Brixton Windmill. After a little walk around Brixton (well, I got a bit lost) I arrived just in time to see the first artist. The day was divided into two parts - the first part of today was filled with outdoor acoustic music and the second with loud and louder rock music inside of the Windmill. And in between we had a fabulous BBQ.

The first artist was Norwegian artist Bellman. He was one of the few artist I haven’t heard of until then. He actually released an album last week called “The Curse”. I liked him. He is making wonderful Pop songs. When I got back home I realized that his band sat in the audience as well. The little garden filled up with people rather fast but yet it took a few more artists until many more people found their way to the Windmill.


After a few minutes the second artist was Dexy without his band The Hand me Downs took the stage. The way he looks (and his shirt) give a good idea of how his music sounds and probably about the people who inspired him, too. It’s a bit of Rock’n’Roll, a bit of Country, a bit of Pop - this direction. Since I have heard a bit of him before it was very nice to see him perform. He covered a song by Weezer and dedicated a song to his cat who died a few weeks ago (and if start to get into Alcopop you’ll learn to love puppies and kittens). All in all a very good set.


He was followed by Shoes And Socks Off who made a little mess with his two guitars (acoustic and electric) and quite a few pedals. Of this complete day he is the one I have seen the most often. He played a few new tracks which sounded very good. As always I wished I could have understand all his lyrics while I hear them. I am gutted I couldn’t buy the new album of his other band Love Among The Mannequins! I will just have to wait until I can order it. And he has a lyric book (with a CD with demos) coming out soon which should be quite rad. 

Shoes And Socks Off 

Next up were †Hymns† with their first ever acoustic set. By this time the garden was filled. The singer was the first one who actually didn’t need the microphone. They usually make catchy Rock music and on Alcopopalooza they made acoustic Rock with piano, guitar or a bit of drums (not all of it at the same - they are “only” a duo usually with guitar and drums). It was actually very interesting to see them for the first time and acoustic. It was well amazing. Now I want to see them playing not acoustic! They have also released a video to their single “A Punch To The Temple” just a few days ago (watch here). SASO and †Hymns† are both on Big Scary Monsters and on tour in this month. 


The last but not least one was Katie Malco. Again a very different sound to the ears. She is making wonderful Pop music. I am not sure why I haven’t checked her out before - I have heard so many good things about her and yet I had to travel all this way to see her live and fall in love with her music. I might had been close to having a tear in the corner of my eye. While I write this I’m listening to her last EP “Four Goodbyes”. A new one is coming soon (actually October but time is running fast). 

And I can’t understand why some people couldn’t wait until she is finished to get to the BBQ and had to make their way to it through her set, a load of people who listened and the “stage” while she was still playing… some are just very weird….Well, I think Katie reacted very well. And also it their own fault for missing out on such amazing music. 

Katie Malco

Katie Malco

She was the last one to play outside. I haven’t caught a lot of Delta/Alaska really - the first band inside (because of standing in a row and eating and so on). I don’t feel like being able to say something about them from just a few bits of their last song. But from what remember from their track on BSM ‘10 Collection they have a sound with complex melodious sound.

Next up were The Attika State - a band I have been loving into pieces and I am pretty sure to have listen to their album “Measures” for days since it got released last year. And there was this little bit of fear that I just couldn’t match my high expectations (which I had for every band playing this evening). They have played the perfect Rock concert. I mean huge smiles on their faces and our faces. Huge sing-a-longs all over (of these kind which just happen because everyone can’t help themselves but sing the songs they love and not being asked for “help”). And incredible lots of fun and sweat. Singer Rudi stood in front of the stage with the result that he went into the audience and the rest had enough space to jump and dance. It was one this on the point concerts. The energy was just amazing. Yes, I very much love The Attika State more than I ever did (never thought that was possible). 

Of course I am now left with that usual problem: When will I see them live again? (A problem I have with all the bands I saw that night.)


The Attika State  

Can you see the smiles? 

The Attika State

And then Ute. Loved their set. The way singer Ollie tells/sings the stories is amazing. I mean the songs are full stories and that is how he presents them - more as a story teller then a pure singer. And I love his voice. They sure had a few technical difficulties but that doesn’t matter in the end. They had this point in their set where they were shouting and rolling over the floor and everything up to a point where it almost seemed too ridiculous. Well, but to be honest I can’t describe this properly with words (in any language). It is one of the things you have to see to get it. 


I missed (sort of sadly) quite a lot of Jumping Ships set. I just got into the first row right in time to hear “Heart And Hope” and a song of their “Orientation” EP. As all bands they seemed to enjoy their set as well. And well, they sure got the jumping of their name right. Young and wild. 

They should be releasing something any time soon, I hope (I think). 

Jumping Ships

I have missed Light Guides, the latest signing of Alcopop, mainly because I need a little break and some fresh air and started chatting with some people (bands) about how much I love their stuff. Nevertheless: it was so hot inside! I saw their (Brixton Windmill’s) security system or how to keep women inside the club because they are scared. I have heard it is an Irish thing. Is it? 

Dog on The Roof

My First Tooth! Amazing! That simple (or not). It is fascinating to watch Sophie juggling all her instruments (but mainly she played her violin). They have played among others “Dubrovnik” which I really loved  - it is one of my most favourite tracks of their album “Territories”. They are going more into a Folk direction. I know their music for quite some time now - a bit after I learned about Alcopop Records I felt for them. It’s more of a silent love in a way but I am so happy that I have seen them finally, too. 

My First Tooth

The last one on stage (and before everyone had to run for their trains) was Johnny Foreigner. As always amazing. They brought the punk to the BBQ. And more sweat and dancing and sing-a-longs and happiness and Jack finally joining the dancing crowd. And some people leaving early because of the last train (but as I figured out the night buses in London are pretty good…anyway).

Johnny Foreigner

Now it feels so unreal that I have been there! It is like a dream. Well worth the travelling - I might have said it before but I only regret the things I didn’t do and can just imagine how hard I would kick my ass if I would have stayed at home (in Berlin). It was one of the best things I have attended in a very long time. 

What made Alcopopalooza a (huge) bit different from many other concerts I have seen (in general) is that many of the bands are friends and everyone just loves Jack Pop (you’ll have to). And that is a whole different vibe to just putting together some bands playing on the same day. You can just feel this different energy. 

I think I’ll be back for next years Alcopopalooza IV. 

Thank you for reading,


P.S. A few more photos are on my flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/_heilewelt_/sets/72157627169889088/ :)

P.P.S. I might have forgotten to mention a few things but maybe you get an idea and check out all the bands! I think they all have more heart in their shows and songs and everything then a lot of the bigger ones. 

Right. Jumping Ships have ‘lost’ songs. I meant to tell you about it for quite some time now that they have found them again and since they are quite awesome the songs are now up for free download. The songs haven’t made it on their fabulous debut “Orientation” EP and now they have crawled up to out of the dark hidden folder to lighten up rainy spring days. They are not perfect but a very enjoyable listen on a Sunday afternoon. You can listen to them below and then download them for free. 

Jumping Ships - ‘Orientation LOST’ by jumpingships

And while I am talking about Alcopop a related band I can share some other Alcopop related news with you. There was a lot to order for me lately. Johnny Foreigner release a FP (an EP in shape of a Frisbee). It’s already sold out but it was sold out not even 2 days after being released, the download will be available by tomorrow. It’s called “Certain Songs Are Cursed”. I hope these songs will never get cursed for me like others I really liked and yet I’m not able to listen to them anymore. While the first two songs are “typical” JoFo songs or rather what I expect them to sound like (damn those expectations, need to turn them off), the last two songs are acoustic. Beautifully sad in a way. Again I struggle to understand every single word, it is just about the whole feeling, the melody and their voices. Luckily I’ll get a Frisbee to lighten up my mood afterwards. And I can happily say that they will come to a town close you and even close to me! I posted them a few days ago.

More Alcopop? Sure. One of the newer signings Freeze The Atlantic (the newest is Light Guides) will release an EP as well. Apparently Alcopop is moving away from more “poppier” acts and to moves to much more “rockier” acts now, the different shades of Rock. But who knows what the next act will look like. ”Colour By Numbers EP” by Freeze The Atlantic is nothing ground breaking new but very well made Alternative Rock with a lot of fine melodies. It is a very delightful listen. Maybe you just fancy a listen of “The Alibi” yourself:

Freeze The Atlantic - The Alibi by Heilewelt

Thank you for reading.


P.S. Almost forgot it: My Firth Tooth not only have been in my town to record their new single but also have released a free CD/paid download of their “Sleet And Slow” EP. Folk awesomeness. Also: Free CD instead of free download is the way forward (for my purse at least) and also for my memory. I realised not long ago that I simply can remember track names, album names and everything better when I have a physical package to it - I don’t enjoy to sit in front of my iTunes and reading titles and therefore I don’t really do it and that ends up in forgotten names of tracks and albums. Awful. And embarrassing. That’s all. 

Watch. Love. Jumping Ships “Heart And Hope”. Out today on fabulous Alcopop Records today.

All I want to do is to write something, all I have to do is studying. It’s this Head and Heard thing. Thought I let you know (just in case someone is wondering why I post so many videos lately). I have a very important exam very soon, so I rather spend my time with studying and sleeping. But in the back of my head is a lot of things piled up I want to write about and there is this one interview I have to transcibe and a few other things to be prepared.

So, there will be a lot of things coming from the end of next week like Veto’s “Everything Is Amplified” - love that album -, a EP with unique covers of Pulled Apart By Horses songs, Will Samson and so on! I will also see Efterklang in a week which leaves me very excited - I don’t know their music for very long but am fully in love with it. They are from Denmark which is enough reason to love them. They will also show “An Island” - a movie directed by Vincent Moon. Looking forward to this massively. 

Maybe I leave you with the new single of Jumping Ships called “Heart And Hope” because it is fabulous. I have already pre-ordered it from Alcopop Records - not really a surprise. It’s a rock wake up call for my tired brain. Can’t wait to have it on my mp3-player and hearing it while walking through the sunny streets of Berlin and smile from ear to ear. Have I told you about their “Orientation” EP? It’s fabulous, too! It was release a couple of month back and I got after hearing “The Matterhorn” from the “We ruined…” BSM/Alcopop Compilation. Very much in love with them since then. They are making Rock, I think.

Jumping Ships - Heart And Hope by WhiteboardPRO

Ah, ok, when we’re talking about Alcopop anyway then I can also give you another sweet track by the awesome Johnny Foreigner which you can download for free. That I don’t write much doesn’t mean I don’t listen to much (new) music. But that is the reason I post so many videos lately. At least you can see what I like to see. Whatever. Listen to this as well. It is very beautiful.

the most beautiful widow by johnny foreigner

Yet I didn’t had the time to wrap my head around lyrics. I think they mainly sing “You are the most beautiful widow in town” half of the song and it is acoustic unpolished sound which is a sound I really love. 

Ok, the post was a bit on a musical note but I guess it’s just how I function. Music always keeps me balanced. Thanks for reading and I hope you are all well! :)


P.S. Go to the Facebook site of my most beloved Candle Thieves and watch their new video to “Breathing (Just For You)”. Again made the amazing Richard Cullen.

P.P.S. All I need to survive (besides music):

……and chocolate and nuts (before I go nuts…)

So, I have finally been to my first concert this year. The bill said something about three bands: Minnaars, Crystal Fighters and Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs. I have seen the first one and liked it, talked to someone in another room while the second band played and then went to see the third person and left his set after a few minutes. Beforehand I have heard a lot of good things about Minnaars-mainly from one person who told me to go and see them. I might not adore them by now but they sure were a lot of fun to watch and I like Adams voice a lot. From what I’ve heard on their EP today (yep, I didn’t give them a proper listen beforehand) they are usually a lot more influenced by electronic music than they were on that night. I think that might be because Neil stayed at home and so there was no keyboard player and ended up with them sounding more “rockier”. It was almost surprising how different they sound on the “Ideal & Error” EP (which was released not long ago). I like both sides. 

I can’t say anything about Crystal Fighters at all. Well, with the exception that their stage looked interesting in a good way. And TEED….well, let’s say it this way: Loveparade is not dead in Berlin. It was alive and kicking at the magnet club. I simply wasn’t in the mood for a man, a drum computer and things like that. I like electronic bands like Spleen United or Techno/House artist Troels Abrahamsen (who is also singer of one of my favorite danish band Veto). I like Troels for his music and for his lyrics. There are some songs on WHT which I can’t hear simply because they make me realize whats going wrong with me and in general at the moment - it’s the same with Veto. I have seen him playing live on a short trip to Copenhagen a long while ago - it was one of those short trips I sometimes do (10 hrs bus/ferry to Copenhagen, 25 hrs in Copenhagen and 10 hrs back….I can sleep quite good in buses by now but I wish I wouldn’t get sea sick…I miss Copenhagen…not that guy who offered me sex at 5 am on the streets of Copenhagen tho-he can stay at home). I have seen I AM BONES as well…it was their last and fantastic show. I knew their music for a few years and didn’t know that it was the last one. I was sad when I heard that a bit later. And I saw the fantastic The River Phoenix as well - they are a well defined rock wall of sound. I can’t wait for their new material! It’s coming!

This is a video/documentary which was filmed on the concert I attended (and you might be able to spot me somewhere in the front row…I think…):

I also recommend you to look around on their youtube channel because they have uploaded their first album “Ritual” there and watch their fantastic videos. 

The last two days I have almost only listened to Jumping Ships everytime I left the house to go somewhere. Considering I have only one song so far, I’ve listened to “The Matterhorn” quite a lot (it’s on the BSM/Alcopop “We Ruined This Birthday With An Invisible Balloon”). They are making energetic rock music without a high electronic influence. They’ve recently signed to Alcopop Records and it took me a bit but they grew on me. They have also (self) released an EP a little while ago, it is called “Orientation” (and also contains “The Matterhorn” and “The Whole Truth” - a teaser Alcopop gave away). I admit that I download the EP from iTunes while I write this sentence so I have only high expectations after such a good start. And they are from Brighton - how can you not love that town? (Is it very obvious that I miss traveling every minute when I am home?)

Listen to it and enjoy and download it for free:

The Whole Truth - Jumping Ships by alcopop

Thank you for reading and I will post my love letter to fabulous packing of CDs next time. (I finally have the Screaming Maldini EP in my hands - its always a good sign when you don’t want to put it down.)